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open call for contributors

Join Our Team of Writers: Open Call for Contributors

The DC Area Moms' writing team is growing and we are hosting an open call for contributors! We are looking for fresh, local voices who are passionate about motherhood in and around the DC...
son with special needs not accepted to private schools

My Son with Special Needs Wasn’t Accepted to Private Schools

This is a guest article from Jacqueline Renfrow.  To the private schools—all of them—that rejected my 9-year-old ASD son. I assumed I had many years before I’d need to worry about the college application process, as...
Geneva Day School

Geneva Day School Passes Baton to Usher in a New Era of Excellence

It was said there might be a bouquet of flowers. There was an entire table’s worth. It was said there would be entertainment. There were activities, stations, music, a bubble machine, and a balloon arch. Guests were...

Sample Letter to Representatives to Take Action on Gun Control Reform

An anonymous, local DC area Pediatrician authored this sample letter to Representatives to take action on gun control reform. Find your Representative in the House and your Representative in the Congress by zip code. If you live in DC, but...
gardening with kids

Having Trouble Getting Outside and Off the Screen? Try Gardening with Your Kids!

This is a guest article from Kiran Talvadkar and Alice Sturm with Nature Play Parents. Benefits of Gardening with Kids  From learning about the life cycle of plants, to getting physical activity and discovering new foods, the...
Joyful Learning in all Children

How Parents Can Help Foster Joyful Learning in all Children

This is a guest article by Mariale Hardiman, EdD and Jacqueline Renfrow.  One mind, many ways of learning. How parents can help foster joyful learning in all children.  How often have we heard the saying: “Parents...

4 Inspiring Earth Day Volunteer Activities with Children

The thoughts presented in this Earth Day volunteer article are the writer’s and do not represent views of the organizations they are employed in. Please note that with COVID-19, not all of these suggestions...

Geneva Day School Celebrates a Terrific 2022

#GDSSpirit is More than a Meme Cookies emblazoned with #1, colorful balloons, and special signage. . . Such fanfare defines Geneva Day School’s celebration of the thrilling announcement that readers of “Bethesda Magazine” have again...
Water Conservation with kids

Helping Kiddos Test the Waters with Water Conservation

The thoughts presented in the water conservation with kids article are the writer’s and do not represent views of the organizations they are employed in. Please note that with COVID-19, not all of these...
let children take risks on the playground

5 Reasons to Let Children Take Risks: Starting at the Playground!

This is a guest article from Kiran Talvadkar and Alice Sturm with Nature Play Parents. One of our most important jobs as parents and caregivers is to keep kids safe. While it may seem counterintuitive,...
vaccinated while pregnant

Vaccinated While Pregnant and I Don’t Regret It

This is a guest article by Caroline Quat. Pregnant during a pandemic Even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined being pregnant during a pandemic. But I was, and I had to roll with whatever was...

To Snoo or Not to Snoo, That is the Question

A Child Sleep Consultant's Perspective on the Tesla of bassinets: The Snoo Bassinet. Last night my seventeen-year-old daughter called me. She was babysitting her first infant “for the first time”; she said, "Hi, Mom, what...
foster the family DC

Local Non-Profit Feature: Foster the Family DC

Foster the Family DC is a local non-profit that launched this September to support local foster and adoptive families. They provide immediate, emergency support through resources and supplies, as well as ongoing, holistic support...

The Little Free Library’s Read in Color Initiative

This summer, The Little Free Library® (LFL) launched their Read in Color initiative at CentroNía in Washington, DC in partnership with Everybody Wins DC (EWDC) and Van Metre Companies. Through this incredible initiative, 21...