Capitol Learning Academy: A New Educational Experience for DC Kids

This article is written in partnership with Capitol Learning Academy.

Capitol Learning Academy isn’t your average school. In fact, if you don’t know to look for it, you might walk right past it at 725 8th Street SE, on Barracks Row, just south of the Eastern Market metro stop.

That’s because Capitol Learning Academy is working to change everything we know about schools, including what the building should look like.

A New Experience for K-8 Kids in DC

Now in their fourth year of operations, CLA serves students who would be in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade in traditional school systems.

Every student is regularly assessed, and an individual program of study is created according to their needs and strengths. If they understand a topic quickly, great! Let’s move on.

If something is confusing and needs a few extra lessons or practice sessions, that’s also ok. A six year old may read at a fourth grade level, but work on comprehension strategies of a second grader. A nine year old may need to spend a few weeks getting back to basics in math before being ready to try tackling fractions again.

At CLA, that’s all just part of the daily routine. Not only do students work individually through their core subject areas, but they also spend time each day working in multi-age groups to research various social studies or science topics, in order to form a deeper understanding and present that knowledge to their peers, and families.

Time management, prioritization, cooperation, information sourcing, all of these skills are taught beginning at the age of 5 at CLA.

The CLA Community

CLA doesn’t keep to itself, either. Community is core to values and growth of the school community. As such, students visit the public library to check out books, local public parks for daily recess, and forge partnerships with local organizations.

These partnerships allow for daily specialist classes including PE, Music, Art, and Dance. This gives students the opportunity learn about local options available to themselves and their families outside of school hours, through an hour-long lesson once or twice per week with their school. PE rotates through 8-10 week contracts with local studios – yoga, karate, gymnastics, tennis, double dutch, you name it!

Also, it’s also not uncommon to see CLA  students hopping on the metro for a quick field trip to a museum or other local spot for half the day.

An Equitable Private School Opportunity

Capitol Learning Academy isn’t just seeking to recreate the way in which to motivate and educate students, but also in how the world can create equitable private school options for families.

It is the only school in Washington, DC with an indexed tuition structure. Tuition is calculated for each family based on household income, creating a proportionate tuition amount for each family.

Striving for an equitable tuition helps CLA to create a more realistic socio-economic diversity within its’ family population. This better represents the surrounding city and allows students to learn and grow alongside peers of all backgrounds and socioeconomics which creates a baseline of trust and respect for all.

Discover Capitol Learning Academy

Capitol Learning Academy is now enrolling for the 2023-24 school year! Learn how to apply, view our admission criteria, and tuition details here.

Or, join CLA for their new, enrichment and creativity based summer camp!