Working Out at Home During the Pandemic: We All Need To Sweat In This New Norm


Do you have a treadmill? A peloton? A rowing machine? Not to worry, neither do most people. If you are like me and need to move your body in order to get through the day of homeschooling and whining children then you need to keep reading! By prioritizing working out at home during the pandemic, I feel better equipped to get through the challenges of this new normal. And here’s why.

The new normal in my house is homeschooling three children (Pre-K, 1st, and 3rd grades), making 3+ meals a day, doing endless loads of laundry and dishes, cleaning up all day, the list goes on and on. Thankfully my husband and I have a deal that I am able to have some free time each morning until he starts his crazy busy workday. Some days it is just until 8 am and others it’s until 9 am! So, I make the most of my alone time. And I am very thankful I can have that time to myself and clear my head. Some days, I just sit and drink my coffee and watch trashy TV, but most days I will work out at home.

Why I Sweat During The New Norm

Now more than ever my exercise routine is my happy place because it means I am all alone! It truly helps me clear my head and gets me through my day! First and foremost if you can get outside for a run or walk, do it even if that means setting your alarm. Go for it! And if you need to stay in, I’ve done a lot of research on some in-home workouts that are free or a very small fee!
Some of my favorite DC gyms/studios are now available to everyone online. And the good news is if the kids need to be around, it’s no big deal. They can usually join in. I realize I really like the classes at specific times because they hold you accountable and you have to show up. But I also love the ones that you can do at any time because you never know when you have free time these days! The workouts are also all different levels and times. Mostly you only need your own body weight or just a mat but I’ve included some that involve weights and props and links to purchase these products. Now go get your sweat on! I promise you will feel better even if it just 30 minutes of your time.
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Working out at home during the pandemic is possible!

Check out these virtual programs and sweat-at-home supply suggestions:

Have you been working out at home during the pandemic? Share your experiences in the comments below!