Crafts and Activities: Animal Theme Week

Towards the end of (yet) another day of confinement, my 3-year old turned to me with a joyful smile. He murmured in his adorable voice, “Mommy, can we paint a duck?” After a long day of repetitive tasks that invitation sounded great. It got me in touch with my creative side. Without hesitation, I moved to action. I sketched a duck and grabbed paint and brushes. Luca sat down at his little table and got to work.  
What I believed would be a long enough break to heat up leftovers turned into a challenge. My son finished the duck and wanted another challenge. “Mommy, can we paint a dinosaur?” He had a mischief look in his eyes as if he was doubtful of my abilities to draw a dinosaur.
I smiled and without hesitation replied, “You bet.”

While the food was coming in and out from the microwave, I sketched a dinosaur on a piece of paper. After two attempts I was happy with the end result. Luca kept painting while I set up a table for dinner.

Then, it hit me. I need to set up daily simple activities for Luca so I can prepare dinner or fold a full basket of clean laundry. I understand that not every mom has time to sit down to prepare crafts or search for new activities.

Thus, I would like to share our animal theme week. Here are some ideas to help keep your toddler occupied for a few minutes—maybe longer!

Monday: Paint a Duck

  • For this craft, you will need crayons, paints or watercolors, paintbrushes, and a cup of water if using watercolors.
  • Print the Duck Template, and let your child’s imagination go wild.
  • Sing or watch the Five Little Ducks song together.

Tuesday: Rescue the Animals Activity

  • For this activity, you will need a sturdy surface to tape animals to, like a plastic lid, toy animals, and tape.
  • Tape the toys to the sturdy surface. This animal theme week activity is easy to set up and will have your child working those fine motor skills in no time at all!
  • Watch or listen to Old MacDonald while your child tries rescuing the animals.

Wednesday: Make a Dinosaur Craft

  • For this craft, you will need crayons, paints or watercolors, paintbrushes, scissors, glue, and a cup of water if using watercolors.
  • Print this Dinosaur template. Set up a table and invite your little one to create. First paint/color the dinosaur and its legs and arms. Once the paint is dry, cut the dinosaur and glue on the limbs.
  • Listen or watch the Dinosaurs Song together.

Thursday: Feed the Frog Activity

  • For this activity, you will need a box, crayons or markers scissors and glue.
  • Print the Frog and flies templates.
  • Cut out the frog and flies. Have your child color them. Glue the frog onto an empty box, cut out the mouth of the frog.
  • Help your child roll dice. Then help your child count the number of dots on the dice and feed that many flies to the frog.
  • Listen or watch the Five Little Speckled Frogs song together.
  • Check out the Read Aloud Frog Books.

Friday: Make a Unicorn

  • For this craft, you will need crayons, paints or watercolors, paint brushes, scissors, glue, and a cup of water if using watercolors.
  • This is a fun project that you can do with your little ones. Print this unicorn template and decorate it as you like. Let your imagination go wild. Glue the painted unicorn onto a piece of cardboard or watercolor paper. Get pom-poms and stick them along the side of the unicorn’s head.

I hope you will get a chance to create at least a few crafts from this Animal Theme Week. If you do, please remember to find me on Instagram @lulu__make and tag me on your posts.

Check out more craft ideas and activities and comment below with your favorite ideas!

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Lucia Pinto has been creating toys and crafts for family and friends since childhood. Lucia is a SAHM, Montessori toy creator, and craft enthusiast of sophisticated and simple objects that inspire and delight young and old alike. Lucia grew up in Slovakia, but her life and work have taken her around the world both as a visitor and a resident. From her hometown in Slovakia to Dubai, across the sea to New York and back again, Lucia’s exploration and immersion into these places and their cultures influence her work today. When she isn’t indoors cutting paper, playing with bright colors, or creating toys, she can be found strolling through nature, playing with her two beloved children in the park, or practicing yoga. She resides with her husband and two children, Luca and Anna, in their downtown apartment in Washington DC.