Personalized Shadowbox | DIY Teacher’s Gift


Teachers and GIFTS – the never ending dilemma of how to show appreciation and saying “Thank you” for all the hard work. Today, we will show you an EASY and very cute DIY gift for your child’s favorite teacher.  It’s as simple as saying the ABCs.  So grab your supplies and let’s get creative! 


DIY teacher gift

Step 1

Before you begin this DIY teacher’s gift made with your hands and inspired by your heart, think about what you would like to include in the gift. Ask your child what are the teacher’s favorite colors, school subjects and teacher’s interests. Or you can use objects that represent your child’s academic interests. Once you decide on the layout and items you would like to use, it’s time to get crafty.

Step 2

Use acrylic paint to paint a wooden peg doll. Similarly, you can simply dip a wooden peg doll into a liquid watercolor of your choice, take it out and let it dry. (I recommend using a plastic cup or little container.) Apply the tacky glue on the back of the peg doll and press it into the surface.

DIY teacher gift

Step 3

Rainbows are always fun- they add color into any canvas. Use felt pom- poms (or regular pom-poms) to create a colorful rainbow. Simply apply the glue and press it down onto the surface. If your child enjoys math, decorate the outside of the rainbow with wooden numbers. Feel free to use any kind of objects that go well with your child’s personality. Make it memorable.

DIY teacher gift

At the bottom of the layout, you can stick a paint brush, pencil, permanent marker, or a crayon. Apply the glue along the whole object, press it down onto the canvas, and hold it in place for a couple of seconds.  It might look like the object won’t stick, yet the glue will do its magic. Just be patient. If you put too much glue, you can easily wipe it off.

Step 4

It’s time to add a personal touch to the frame! Let your creativity shine! For example, my son adores numbers so when I spotted the plastic animal ruler, I knew I would use it.  Since I am his teacher and painting is my cup of tea, (and he enjoys painting as well) we decided to glue tubes of paint onto the frame!  

DIY teacher gift

Step 5

Personalized DIY Gifts are the best! Ask your child to spell the teacher’s name and let them pick the wooden letters. Apply the glue on the back of the letters, press it down onto the frame, and move to the next letter. 

DIY teacher gift

Step 6

Let the glue dry completely before you start assembling the shadow box.  You won’t need to wait for long.  And just like that, you’ve created your very own DIY Teacher Gift.

DIY teacher gift

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