3 Irresistible Authors That Are Mind-Blowing and Incredibly Captivating


Let me start off by saying that I’ve never loved fiction. My go-to has always been murder mystery. Give me a gruesome James Patterson and I’ll be done in a few hours.

Recently though, I wanted to find something just as exciting with similar twists and turns without as much death (go figure). 

I stumbled upon some of the greatest thriller works of fiction that kept me guessing until the very last page. I couldn’t get enough! When I read everything by one author, I searched for, “If you liked this book, you’ll love…”

Most of these wound up as audiobooks to complement my ridiculously long commute or extended dog walks. For some, I even took out the paper copy from the library so I could switch platforms whenever possible just to keep going!

Here are some of my favorite authors that will blow your mind:


Alice Feeney

When I first read Rock, Paper, Scissors, I thought my brain had melted. There was a twist so well written I genuinely did not see that ending coming. The layers of complexity and details all come together in the end in a way that makes you wonder why you couldn’t see that coming all along. As soon as I finished this first one, I immediately fell in love with her as an author when I read Sometimes I Lie, His and Hers, and I Know Who You Are.

Tarryn Fisher

Tarryn writes of intricate family dynamics in a way that brings the characters more to life than any reality TV show I’ve watched. She weaves imaginary life stories with such realistic passages that you may start to find yourself comparing the storylines to someone you know. All set in Australia, her books The Wrong Family, and The Wives feel like they capture family dynamics from around the world.

Sally Hepworth

Sally takes characterization to a new level. She has an incredible way of weaving detailed, intricate aspects of human psychology into an easy-to-digest format. When I first read The Good Sister, I was blown away by her ability to tell a story through the eyes of a character who struggles with social interactions. All of her stories, The Younger Wife and The Mother-In-Law, tell of human compassion with twists you’ll never see coming.

I hope you find these authors as compelling and exciting as I did. And if you need more to read, join our DC Area Moms Book Club!

Comment below with which authors are keeping your pages turning this summer!


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