5 Mom Resolutions for 2020


The start of a new year is just as good as any time to set some goals. As a busy mom expecting Baby #2, I decided I would set some basic goals for myself, all in an effort to stay balanced and happy amidst all of my work and family obligations. Here are some resolutions I’m working on in the new year.

1. Girl Time Goals: Make More Time for Friends

It seems that once a kid or two comes along, it gets harder and harder to spend time with our friends. It’s so tough to meet up after work (tired!), on the weekends (kid birthday parties and activities!) or if there’s some free time, I’d rather spend it watching TV and/or veggin’ out. I’ve decided that this year – no matter what – I am going to make this goal a priority and set aside some time about once a month to go to brunch or meet up with a friend or two for drinks. I’m sure this will involve everyone pulling out their calendars, but it’s the only way to make it work!

2. New Year, New Place: Travel With My Spouse. Just Us.

Traveling itself is tiring. With kids in tow, it can be downright exhausting! I’ve taken quite a few trips with my toddler son. However, it’s important that my husband and I get some alone time together doing something fun. I recommend a weekend away, which does not have to be far, just to reconnect. There are so many places close to DC that fit the bill – New York City, St. Michaels, MD, Middleburg, VA (maybe even the fabulous Salamander Resort & Spa) or Philadelphia!

3. Be a Tourist in My Own City

I’ve lived in DC for 10+ years now, and longer if I include my college years at Howard. It is so easy to take all that this city has to offer for granted. I drive up North Capitol Street for work with the Capitol Building in my midst, pass the Washington Monument and various historical sites every day. It is mindless and it barely registers how special it is to live in such a cool place. Before the year is out, I will hop on a DC Ducks Tour, ride a Segway down Pennsylvania Avenue and get up early enough to catch the sunrise on the Tidal Basin during Cherry Blossom Season. Of all my resolutions, this one will be fun for me and my whole family!

4. Take Professional Family Pics

Just the thought of choosing coordinating outfits sometimes sends me over the edge! And forget scheduling with our beloved photographer! However, I am always so happy when we have perfect pictures that represent our imperfect and happy family. So, I encourage you to pick a day and get family photos done. Then frame some and hang them in your home 🙂

5. A Restful Resolution: Getting More Sleep

After all this goal-setting, I often have to remind myself to rest. This is one of the most important goals for the new year. It might mean five minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of reading a book or soaking up the sun in my backyard. I have to tell myself to ignore all the things that have to get done around the house and just relax for a minute. It always puts me in a better place. 

Do you have any “mom resolutions” for 2020? Share them in the comments below!