A Day to Celebrate Grandparents


When I was a child, my grandparents were such a significant part of my life. As long as I can remember, we called them often. We also visited them once or twice a week for Sunday dinners. My parents taught us to treat them with love, respect, and gentleness. They demonstrated the love and respect we should give to our elders—the matriarchs and patriarch—of our family. I remember that my mom would call both of my grandmothers weekly. She chatted on the phone with them about their day and to learn or share cooking and fashion tips. Later, I adopted this wonderful ritual and joined them for three-way calls multiple times a week.

The first time I had ever heard of Grandparents Day was when I attended Annunciation School in my primary years. The school hosted a half-day celebration of grandparents. We were encouraged to invite our grandparents to attend to honor them and make them feel special and loved. I was always so excited to show off my grandparents and to show them my school projects, my teachers, and my friends. It’s amazing how much time passes and dreams manifest.

I always dreamed that my son Easton would have a warm connection and a significant relationship with his grandparents like me. The bond they have built with him, even throughout this past year since his birth and before birth, has been a bond that is unimaginable. We have also worked hard to create new traditions together. It has been a very rewarding to experience for all involved.

Weekly Visits

We are so incredibly blessed to have my parents nearby and visit with them on a weekly basis. Even throughout the pandemic, it has been a wonderful sacrifice to have them in our quarantine circle. Our weekly visits include book reading, going for a nature walk, dance parties, cooking lessons, and of course eating and sharing a wonderful meal, occasional naps, and incessant hugs and kisses.


It’s a new age to video chat, especially with relatives that don’t live close and that you don’t visit often. We use FaceTime with grandparents and they use this method to call at least once a day, especially to show off a new skill or to show them a page/object/picture in a book that Easton enjoys. There are also many times where we just place the phone on safe platform, and they just watch our routine for a few minutes, and he specifically loves to check to see if they are watching him build a Mr. Potato Head or kick a ball.


Although we haven’t done much traveling recently, vacations were a significant part of the deep bonding I shared with my grandparents. We have introduced and created a new tradition between Easton and his grandparents. Vacation provides the additional bonding time without limits and allows for more experiences together that apart of our weekly visits or daily FaceTime calls, such as swimming, trying new food at a new restaurant, and/or having one big slumber party.



My grandparents attended every celebration, milestone, academic achievement ceremony. Easton has already had a few celebratory worthy milestones to include his birth, his first Halloween, first Christmas, and his Mr. Onederful drive-by birthday parade, and they have been there for every single moment. Hopefully, they will be there for many, many more opportunities. And we will include occasions to celebrate grandparents together as well. 

I thoroughly enjoy watching this bond develop between Easton and his grandparents. They bring each other a bright light and indescribable and immense joy.

As many already know, this weekend, on Sunday September 13th is Grandparents’ Day. We plan to make more amazing memories and celebrate by cooking brunch at home and taking them on a beautiful walk. There are many ways to celebrate grandparents—those with us, and those who are not. How are you celebrating Grandparents Day this year?