Plan a Mom’s Getaway Night


Dear Moms,

I don’t know if you are in the same boat as I am but I have not gotten a single night away from my child since birthing him. I am not resentful, but I am tired. I realized that I was desperate to have a mom’s getaway night where I didn’t have to think about anyone or anything.

After a couple of weeks of agonizing if this was the right thing to do, I took action! I convinced one of my fellow mom friends to join me and we decided to spend one night in Winchester, VA. I picked this location because it’s close enough to head back home if anything were to happen, but far enough away so I am not in my normal circle.

Planning a Getaway Night with a Friend

A few weeks before the agreed upon date, my friend and I exchanged which hotel we’d like to stay in. We wanted a quaint hotel with the opportunity to get a massage either in the hotel or close by. We settled on the George Washington Hotel in Winchester and booked the reservation.

The day before leaving town, I prepared all of the food and milk for the baby. I also wrote out all of the daily routine for the baby. I created an easy guide for my partner in case things got hectic. 

The day I left town, I packed a small suitcase and my pumping supplies. Then I spent the morning playing and soaking all the cuddles with my baby before our mom’s getaway night. 

Enjoying the Getaway Night

My friend and I drove to the hotel, checked in, got settled, and headed down to the spa. We both enjoyed a facial AND a massage. This felt like the first time I have taken care of myself since having a baby. At certain moments during the massage I experienced a therapeutic cry. 

Following the relaxing therapies, my friend and I went to dinner at a casual pizza restaurant in downtown Winchester. It was good to catch up with my friend and air out all of the anxieties I have been having. Mom friends seem to really understand all the nuances that happen within a family and within a new mom. 

After dinner, we had to get some ice cream so we visited Red Fox Creamery. We grabbed our favorite flavors and sat outside enjoying the weather and some people watching. We both decided to head back to the hotel room to put on a silly movie and just relax for the rest of the night. I didn’t have anyone else to care for but me. I knew I’d sleep uninterrupted and I was so grateful.

Our Mom’s Getaway Night is Complete

The next morning, my friend and I took our time waking up and getting ready. Then we went and grabbed some bagels and coffee with pastries for our partners. We enjoyed our breakfast and decided we missed our babies. We hoped in the car and drove back home. 

Overall, I spent 24 hours away from my family. I think it was a great experience and allowed me to see what I was emotionally and physically able to handle. I also really enjoyed having this getaway with my friend. It was really nice to feel like I wasn’t alone and that each stage is not as permanent as it feels in the moment.

Sometimes thinking of planning one more thing as a mom is just too much. I get it! However, communicate to your partner, family, and friends how you would find a mom’s getaway night rejuvenating as a mother. They will support you! Then all you have to do is choose a date and hotel. And if you want to enjoy the getaway alone, you can also enjoy a mom-cation solo. You deserve a break!