The BEST of DC Area Moms: Top 10 Articles of 2022


We are grateful 2023 is here, but want to pay tribute to our most read articles of 2022. These top-viewed articles are must-reads. Our team at DC Area Moms pours our hearts, minds, and time into creating articles that are relevant and resonate with moms. We are just like you! We are here for you and understand so much of what you go through day in and day out.

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Our TOP Articles of 2022

10. Two day trips for fossil-finding in the DC area

“If you have budding scientists, or just dinosaur-loving kiddos, the Washington DC area is a great place to be! … Because of the area’s geology, prehistory is all around us! You can find fossils of dinosaur bones, shark’s teeth, along with plants and aquatic life, for free, less than an hour from home.” Katherine 

shark teeth

9. The Best Sunflower Farms, Fields, and Festivals in the DC Area

“Here are the best sunflower fields in the DC area for seeing sunflowers from late summer to early autumn, in fields planted on public lands (no cutting allowed), at pick-your-own farms, and at all-out festivals of the giant golden blooms.” Becky Bowman

8. Ultimate Guide to Skiing With Kids in the DC Area

“Maybe you grew up skiing. Maybe you didn’t but want to learn. Maybe you want your kids to learn. Either way, here is the ultimate family guide to skiing with kids in the Washington, D.C. area.” KatherineDC Area ski slopes with kids

7. 10 Toddler-Friendly Summer Camps in DC

“I cannot believe that I am searching for camps for my 3.5 year old, but here we are. Below is a list of summer camps for toddlers and preschoolers in DC. You can also visit our Ultimate  Guide to Summer Camps, and scroll to the bottom section with tabs. Additional toddler camps can be found on the Early Childhood tab!” Amanda McLaughlin 

6. Fed Is Best

“The truth of the matter is that breast is best, unless it’s not. And it’s not best in many situations and for many reasons. Which means, unequivocally, that fed is actually best.” Libby Bianchi

5. DC Summer Bucket List: 50 Fun DC Outings for Kids and Families!

“Here is our epic guide to 50 local, kid-friendly excursions we’re putting on our bucket list for the summer—and even better, many of these fun outings are free. Start planning your summer adventures.” Allison Winter

4. 4 Best Lavender Fields in the DMV

“If you are looking for something outdoors and fragrant to add to your summer bucket list, here are 4 lavender fields to visit in the Washington, DC area.” Jennifer Muscato

3. 7 Painter’s Tape Toddler Activities: Babies to Big Kids

“Ah, the humble roll of Painter’s Tape – one simple material, endless possibilities. Such a simple utility item can bring endless hours of fun and activities!” Juliet Armerding 

2. Sample Letter to Representatives to Take Action on Gun Control Reform

“I, like millions of Americans and millions more around the world, read in horror about the latest mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. My heart breaks for the parents, families, and loved ones of the innocent victims of a senseless tragedy.” Guest Article 

Spa Day DC

1. Self-Care Spa Day Spots in the DMV

“A few weeks ago, I planned a spa day with my best friend and it was absolute heaven with some much needed self-care. The only difficult part was choosing which DC area spa to spend our limited time away from our kids and families.” Chelsea Blanks

12 More TOP Resources for Moms

We are here to help make mom life in the Washington, DC area easier by providing relevant resources for moms. Here are some favorites we visit again and again!

We hope you enjoyed the best articles from 2022 and look forward to another great year with moms in the Washington, DC area. Thank you so much for linking arms with us. Your messages, emails, and comments mean so much to us!


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