Sample Letter to Representatives to Take Action on Gun Control Reform


An anonymous, local DC area Pediatrician authored this sample letter to Representatives to take action on gun control reform. This was originally published on May 27, 2022 after the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. We adjusted the wording so it is usable year round. We need to stay vigilant.

Find your Representative in the House and your Representative in the Congress by zip code. If you live in DC, but are from elsewhere, consider reaching out to your former representatives too! Check out Everytown and Moms Demand Action and Sandy Hook Promise.

Sample Letter to Representatives to take action on Gun ControlIn addition to sending a letter, call your Representatives too and ask how they are taking action. Save their number in your phone to make it easier. Our children deserve more and it is in our hands to demand action.

Here is the sample letter, please adjust and change wording as you see fit. Please share widely with your network and community!

Sample Letter to Representative Demanding Gun Control Reform

Dear Representative:

I, like millions of Americans and millions more around the world, read in horror about the continuous mass shootings. My heart breaks for the parents, families, and loved ones of the innocent victims of a senseless tragedy. I am guilty myself of having seen so many other tragedies unfold to this point, and failing to act out of a sense of hopelessness. I felt my voice would have no impact and fall on deaf ears, and so I chose the easier path forward: do nothing. However, I choose to break this cycle of paralysis now and write to you now to demand stricter gun control measures that may help to prevent another Robb Elementary School, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, or Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happen again.

The path forward will meet resistance from many who understandably want to ensure their constitutional liberties are not impeded. However, we must consider the rising toll that lax gun control laws have on the public health and on society at large.

For that reason, I ask you to support the following gun control reforms:

  • We need to require universal background checks on all gun purchases.
  • High-capacity weapons and ammunition magazines should not be available to civilians. There is no legitimate self-defense or sporting purpose for these military-style, high-capacity weapons and magazines whose only purpose is to kill large numbers of people in a short amount of time. We need an effective assault weapon ban now.
  • Gun trafficking should become a federal offense. Gun trafficking fuels the flow of guns nationally and internationally, and is a major contributing cause to extreme gun violence

I am writing this to you because we all carry a responsibility to act in the best interest of the people. It is my obligation to raise my voice for our children and future generations. As our representatives elected by the people and for the people, it is your responsibility to speak out AND ACT to make substantive change that will protect your constituents. Your inaction to do what is necessary to bring about meaningful gun control reform will be witnessed as the public eye is now upon you and your elected colleagues. We will no longer sit in silence, and we expect the same from you.




Take Action TODAY for Gun Control Reform

Please take action NOW (we really can’t wait any longer!) and email (nag!) your representatives. Please share this sample letter to Representatives to take action on gun reform widely with your network and community. Linking arms together to demand change is so important right now and always. Our children deserve to live in safety and not in fear.

A heartfelt thanks to the Pediatrician who wrote this and is providing this for all of us to use.