Black + Boss + Busy Mom


“Black, boss, busy mom” or is it “busy mom, black, boss” or maybe it’s even “boss, busy mom, while black.”

Either way we mix and mingle it, oftentimes we find ourselves juggling to prioritize the expectations we place on ourselves.  We oftentimes get bogged down in the many titles and roles that we play daily.  We tend to do this versus leaping into the meaning behind each of them.  Think about it.  How many roles do we fill in a day? Mother, psychiatrist, teacher, doctor, chef, housekeeper, boss, superwoman and the list can go on and on …. And let’s not talk about how a new one is added sometimes mid-day. 

For me…..Yes, I’m black.  Yes, I’m a boss.  Yes, I’m a busy mom.  All of these are true AND behind it all, I’m still pushing, just like you, to make magic happen every day.  Sitting in the truth of each of our roles can make anyone stir crazy if you sit in it too long!  See, I’ve come to learn that the real question is, how do we slow ourselves down to truly celebrate being all of these things TO OURSELVES, FOR OURSELVES.

This black history month 2020, I offer you the gift of a pause.

I invite you to leverage the 29 days of February to remember that you stand on the sacrifices, tears, laughs, triumphs, challenges, and successes of generations who came before you. It’s time to celebrate you!   I invite you to gift yourself the space to acknowledge that you are who you are in part because of the many who decided to leap outside of fear to make a way for you to sit exactly where you are reading this today. 

May you use this month to say thank you and be grateful for not only your titles, but also for the work you do to bring others on your journey. Yes!  You are bringing so much to this world and you are absolutely worth the recognition!  Let’s challenge each other to leap outside of our box!

For me, I am black.  I am a boss.  I am a busy mom.  

  • I am black: What can I do this month to enlighten someone in my circle to little known black history facts?
  • I am a boss: What can I do to offer my skillset to someone new?
  • I am a busy mom: What playdate hangout can I plan with my children that will allow them to have a ball, while I also enjoy a bit of grown up time.

For you, here’s a challenge.

  • Write three of the titles that you attach to yourself down on a sheet of paper.
  • Now, write one thing you can do this month to drive some action behind each of your three titles.
  • Use this month to leap beyond your titles and make your mark!
  • Celebrate you this month! Celebrate your wins! 

Happy Black History Month Busy, Boss Moms!

This is a guest post from Lolita E. Walker.

Lolita E. Walker is the author of The Intersection of You & Change, a certified life and executive coach, and a TEDx speaker.  She is a resident of the DMV, the mommy of a 7-year old son, and the owner of Walker & Walker Enterprises, a personal and professional coaching consultancy.