Rebecca Ballard

Rebecca Ballard
Rebecca is passionate about market-based social change, values-based consumptive behavior, and ending homelessness. She founded the DC-based sustainable fashion company Maven Women ( to create a socially conscious option for elegant, flattering women's attire and "move the needle" in the global garment industry. Rebecca has two children, Nathan (2017) and Lily (2019). Her parenting passions include social justice and minimalist parenting, (re)claiming her authentic self in her journey, and hyper-local child-raising. Likes: vegetarian street food, sunning & swimming, long city walks, sleeping late, old Hollywood fashion. Dislikes: mushrooms, driving, the saying "everything happens for a reason", being told something is impossible.

Five (or Six) Tips For Your First “Momcation”

It is better to be wanted than needed. - one of my mottos What is a momcation? It’s a vacation free of all caretaking responsibilities. This includes not just responsibilities to your children but the other key...

(Re)Claiming My Body: My Pregnancy and Post-Partum Fitness Journey

I’ve always been afraid of pregnancy. It wasn’t just childbirth that scared me (and boy did it scare me!), but also what pregnancy would do to my body long-term. Would I experience aches and...