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We need one another, we need to read, we need accountability (because life is wild, amiright!), and we need to have meaningful adult conversations in our life. Taking a step back from motherhood, work, household duties, responsibilities, etc. to feed our minds and make time to read is vital (IMO)! Enter our VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB! This is a space for all! Join today and be sure to invite your friends.

We have been thinking a lot about how we can make sure we are reading, growing, learning, and listening with the Black Lives Matter Movement. We are here for it and we want to continue to link arms and grow in our understanding of important matters in the world. What we feed our minds, in turn, feeds our family and compassion and pursuing justice starts at home. Our first couple of books will be about social justice matters. Our goal is to make sure the authors and books we read are diverse. And we want our group to be a diverse place too—representing the wonderful area we live in! YOU are invited and welcome here. 

Here is How the Virtual Book Club Works:

When and Where Will We Meet

The Book Club will “meet” on Facebook and at the end of the month on a Zoom meeting (or in-person when we are able!!). Click here to join the Virtual Book Club! It’s a closed group, so only members will be able to see posts and make comments. You can sign on and chime in as often or infrequently as you like. Feel free to invite any friends who might enjoy it, too. We will meet the last week of the month on Zoom to discuss the book. We will take a poll toward the end of the month to set up the Zoom to see which dates and times work best for you! But we have the Facebook group to post thoughts, ideas, and questions at your leisure.

What Will We Read?

The goal is to read one book a month. We just formed the Book Club and want to start reading a book by July 1 and have our first meeting the end of July! Please join today and help choose our books for the year in our poll! We will take suggestions from our members and then a poll everyone on which books to read first. You can find free books online here and you can always order through Amazon or your favorite local bookstore.

Some Q & A about the Virtual Book Club

What if I already read the book or have a super busy month or don’t like the book selection?

You can sit out at any time, for any reason. If you already read the book, please feel free to chime in on the discussion. If you’re too busy or just don’t like the selection, just jump back in when you are able. There is no required participation! This is meant to be a fun way to read, get to know other fellow mamas.

I want to join but I’m not a mom/don’t live in the Washington, DC area?

That’s ok. You don’t have to be a mom or live in Washington, DC to join. Everyone is welcome!

Can I post new questions/comments about the book?

Absolutely! Please do. We just ask that you don’t post any spoilers.

Can I post something off-topic?

Sure, just as long as you’re not promoting a business/event/item for sale/ISO. Also, any personal attacks will not be posted. Off-topic posts are a great way to get to know the other members!

Happy reading! As mentioned, you can find FREE books online here and you can always order through Amazon or your favorite local bookstore.

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Courtney Whittington
Courtney was born and raised in Louisiana where she met her husband (married in 2005). They have moved several times, but finally feel very settled in NW DC after moving back in 2016. She has four energetic kids: Cormac (2010), Evangeline (2013), Solomon (2016), and Antoinette (2019). She thinks motherhood is absolutely wonderful, but is constantly trying to figure out how to manage it all. She spends her days talking Star Wars, playing with legos, doing crafts, having tea parties, and chasing her toddler. Motherhood is wonderful and wild and in 2017 she banded together with other mothers to start DC Area Moms to inspire, learn, and grow together. She loves morning coffee, chocolate, chatting with people since she's an extrovert, a clean house (which is rare these days). She dislikes when her kids don't listen the first time, she abhors littering, and doesn't enjoy shopping.