20 Empowering Mom Support Groups in the DC Area


Smile Wonders is proud to sponsor this guide of local Mom Support Groups! All of these groups are here to support moms and create meaningful connections and community.

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20 Mom Support Groups in the Washington, DC Area

Need a mom support group (or groups!)? Making a baby can sometimes be easier than making mom friends. Getting out of the house may seem impossible while surviving the newborn sleepless stage, fluctuating hormones, an ever-evolving schedule, and finding clothes that fit (other than those mesh underwear).

For many of us in the DC area, we don’t have a tribe as a new mom. Being a transplant here myself, I felt isolated without my closest friends and family nearby. We love these amazing new little people with all of our hearts, but we do need some adult interactions too!

One of the best things I did as a new mom was to join a local, weekly support group. Every week for 2 hours we sat together to talk about highs/lows, questions we needed answered, finding support, and just having a safe place to cry. I had no idea how much I would value this time getting to know other new mamas who were in the same place as me.

Between the crying and leaking boobs, we all realized how strong we really are. We learned so much about ourselves as we evolved into motherhood. Most importantly, we gained friends who had each other’s backs.

If you need some ideas on how to connect with local mamas through support groups, check out this list:

19 Mom Support Groups for DC Area Moms

1. DC Area Moms Groups

  • Join several groups that DC Area Moms offers for free, run by local volunteers who have a heart for moms and community! Interested in being a volunteer Mombassador to be the community that we all want to see and be a part of?! Fill out this form. We have 17 group options for moms to fit different needs. Pick and choose what you’d like to be a part of!
  • Free
  • These groups are for organic meet-ups. Looking to read a book together or go to a park, reach out, introduce yourself, and get to planning. This is an intentional space for positivity and community within motherhood. We are just getting started!
  • Virtual and in person in the Greater Washington, DC Area
  • DC Area Moms’ Community & Conversation Groups exist to help moms create more intentional face-to-face time with fellow moms. They are broken up into three different sections for DC, MD, and VA, plus some specialty groups. These are more organic groups with no set “meet-ups”, but know when you join, that this is an intentional space for the community with local moms. We are just getting started and now have Mombassadors for most of the groups to help form community and manage the groups! If you have something specific you are interested in within the groups, please don’t hesitate to reach out at info (at) dcmoms.com.

2. P.A.C.E.

  • [email protected]
  • Paid
  • (8) 2-hour sessions meeting weekly
  • Bethesda, MD
  • P.A.C.E. provides weekly topics of discussion facilitated by mental health professionals for moms to share and learn together. Groups are formed with first-time or second-time moms so discussions match specific interests. 

3. Takoma Mamas and Families

  • [email protected] 
  • Free
  • Weekly (email group for specific information)
  • Near Takoma Park, MD
  • Takoma Mamas and Families welcomes parents of children aged 0-4 months to join their weekly, in-person, casual discussions for free. This parent-led group is open for all local families, not just restricted just to Takoma residents. Reach out to the coordinator of the current cohort for more specific meetup information. 

4. MONA Mothers of North Arlington

  • [email protected]
  • Paid
  • North Arlington, VA
  • MONA is a large network of Moms in North Arlington. They offer monthly gatherings for moms in the 22201, 22203, 22205, 2207, 22209, or 22213 zip codes. They also have playgroups, directories, and events.

5. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

  • Email varies (find your local group)
  • Paid
  • Varies (find your local group)
  • Weekly or bi-monthly ongoing
  • MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) started as a local group in 1973 and has expanded to thousands of local chapters around the country. There are SO many chapters, you are guaranteed to find a meetup nearby using their zip code search tool. MOPS welcomes kids of all ages, 1st/2nd/7th-time moms, and offers groups in various languages.

6. District Motherhued

  • Connect with the network here
  • Paid
  • Varies (find your local group)
  • District Motherhued is the premier hub for Black Melinial mothers in the DC, MD, and VA area. They host events, have a society you can join, and a plethora of support for black moms and community in our area.

7. Mama’s Circle

  • [email protected]
  • Paid
  • Tenleytown and Chevy Chase, DC
  • 6-week sessions
  • Mama’s Circle is a mom-designed meetup group for those with newborns and older babies. This is one of the few groups that invite children up to age 3 to join and one of the few that have weekend meetups. Mama’s lead the discussions each week based on their needs which helps grow this community closer.

8. Fit4Mom in DC, VA, and MD

9. Sweat Like a Mother (S.L.A.M.)

  • Connect with SLAM here
  • Paid
  • Arlington, Vienna, and Online Classes
  • This is a fitness group that really turns into a mom group with friends. Bonding with moms during a work out together is a great way to connect and feel good.

10. Moms Club 

  • Email varies (find your local group)
  • Paid
  • Varies (find chapters here)
  • Moms Club is a support network for at-home moms. They offer meetups and moms’ nights out. Check your local chapter for specific schedules and locations for gatherings. Here is a link to Moms of McLean. Don’t have a club nearby?! Start one today.

11. Mamistad

  • Join a Mamistad Group here
  • Paid
  • Location varies based on your location
  • Mamistad connects moms with other moms who have similarly aged children.

12. Mocha Moms

  • Contact Mocha Moms here
  • Paid
  • Chapter varies based on location in the DMV
  • Join the moms of color sisterhood through chapters or online. They are a 501(c)(3) and support local moms with community and events.

13. Vienna Moms, Inc.

  • v[email protected]
  • Paid, just $35 a year
  • Vienna and Oakton, VA (zip codes 22180, 22181, 22182, 22027 and 22124)
  • Vienna Moms promotes and creates community with local moms through their events, private Facebook group, and website.

14. Moms of Mantua

  • [email protected]
  • Free
  • The Mantua Neighborhood
  • This large neighborhood group for moms has events for families, moms, and even date nights! Delve into this group for meaningful neighborhood community and resources.

15. Breastfeeding Center of Greater Washington, DC

  • Join a Class here
  • Paid and free options
  • 1020 19th St NW, Suite 150, Washington, DC 20036
  • The Breastfeeding Center not only supports parents on their breastfeeding journey, but also on their journey to raising babies. Through classes, you’ll naturally meet new mom friends. Don’t be shy during class! Everyone there is figuring it out just like you. Ask a new mom friend for their number to grab a coffee or go for a walk. You and they will be grateful.

16. Mama Love Collective

  • Join a circle here
  • Paid and rates vary based on circle
  • Based in Silver Spring, MD
  • Mama Love Collective offers several circles for moms to join: Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Motherhood Circles. Whether you are a toddler mom, part-time working mom, holistic mom, etc., there is a group for you!

17. The Napkin Network

  • Join and get engaged here
  • Free, but raises money to help moms in need
  • They partner with diaper banks, pregnancy centers, and individual mothers directly. They also have a The Napkin Nook at the Westfield Montgomery Mall.
  • The Napkin Network is a community of moms helping moms in need. They have events to raise money and collect donations. Get involved to make mom friends who have similar values in helping other moms who need help the most.

18. Sixx Cool Moms

  • Go to Mom Events with a local Chapter
  • Event prices vary
  • There are various Chapters
  • Sixx Cool Moms brings community to moms with online Chapters, playdates, meet-ups, events, and more. Connect with Moms in person at their regular events.

19. Petworth Peanuts

  • Learn about and join cohorts here
  • Join cohorts starting at $35
  • This serves parents the greater Petworth area
  • Petworth Parents offers a strong community with cohorts, events like a Spring Egg Hunt, Mother’s Day Brunch, Peanuts Family Portraits, Peanuts Family Field Day, happy hours/social events, continuing education expert speaker series, resources, and more

20. NU Momish

  • Book a service here
  • Free and paid
  • Based in Maryland and surrounding areas
  • Nu Momish serves moms and families within the Maryland area (Including DC and VA)  to provide community and on-demand support to help create a culture of motherhood with ease. We want to empower the family through the transitions of parenthood by providing things they need to make their lives easier.

Looking for more ideas on how to make mom friends? Check out, Five Tips for Making Mom Friends in DC. Of course, there are also Facebook groups, religious organizations, and the peanut app too! And if you are going through perimenopause or menopause, reach out to M.A.M.A.S. Midwives who offers support groups!

Also, don’t forget the power of your neighborhood! Start a WhatsApp Group and as you meet neighborhood moms offer to add them to the mom group. Then have occasional MNOs or playdates and offer items you want to give away or ask for local recs on something. This is invaluable! It’s different than a neighborhood listserv because you meet the moms and it is a smaller group to message with. This is a must-do community builder!

Do you know another great mom support group? Comment below to add to this list!

Mom support group

This article was written by Amanda and updated by our team. If we have mistakenly left a mom support group off, please let us know! 


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