Carey Sherman

Carey Sherman
Carey is an Integrative Nutritionist, Specialist in Prenatal Nutrition, and busy mom of 3 - Sienna (2013), Bennett (2016) and Brooklyn (2016) **twin mom! She always had a lifelong interest in health and medicine, but it wasn't until she became a mom herself that she developed a passion for nutrition and maternal wellness. Her days are busy with kids' recreational activities, but she loves weekend date nights with her husband at new restaurants around the city, cooking up new recipes, enjoying a glass of a wine with girlfriends, and traveling around the country as a family. She whole-heartedly embraces the unique opportunity she has to not only make healthy eating fun and enjoyable for her family, but also supporting new and expecting mothers with nutritional education and guidance.

Building Your Postpartum Village

Wondering how to build a postpartum village? We’ve all heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” when it comes to parenting. However, the true phrase should actually be “It takes...