Nicole Harkin

Nicole, an award-winning writer and natural-light photographer based in Washington, DC, is a mom to two boys. Tilting, A Memoir, her first book, explores the themes of sickness and resiliency. She founded and runs the DC Family Biking page. Find her photography at and on Instagram: @harkinna.

The Case for Nice Things

The physical environment I am in influences my psychological well being. I don’t think this is a profound statement. Of course, it affects everyone. Yet, I have so many friends who are parents who...

Lessons Learned from Writing My First Book

My first book, Tilting, A Memoir, came out a year ago, which was five years after my eldest son was born and then three years after my youngest son was born. And seventeen years...

4 Steps: Easily Take Great Photos of Your Kids

The best photos of kids are taken not with the big camera in your closet but with the camera you have in your hand: your cell phone camera. Below are four steps to use your cell...