From Bookworms to Butterflies: Geneva Day School Grants Wings to Generations of Readers


How many of us could start a bedtime story with “Once upon a time, not so long ago, I went to the same preschool that you now attend!”?

A number of Geneva Day School parents can; memories of their own preschool experience are so fond, they ensure their children have the same.

A theme of multi-generation enrollment is now threaded throughout Geneva’s nearly 60-year history within Potomac, Maryland. We provide developmentally appropriate, private pre-school and kindergarten classes that are STEAM-inspired and literacy-based.

Staff, trained in the Geneva method and often of many years’ experience, create nurturing settings in which children feel compelled to explore and experiment while learning in all growth areas.


Half- and full-day programs are available two, three, or five days per week, as well as enrichment programs such as “Getting Ready for Preschool,” lunch, extended care, and summer camp.

All fully-enrolled classrooms enjoy three teaching staff who provide pre-academics through play and games, daily snack and outdoor discovery, specialized weekly music and movement programs, specialized art for students 3+ years old, mindfulness training, and monthly flannel board stories, among other cultural events. Geneva is a Maryland Green School with a robust Monarch Butterfly Waystation program, so we also teach children to be stewards of the environment.

Contact us for a welcome tour and consider how your child could become part of a bedtime story legacy of his or her own one day. As our Geneva family grows, we give flight to a “lifelong love of learning.”

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11931 Seven Locks Road
Potomac, MD 20854

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