Get to Know The Goddard School at the Wharf!

This article is written in partnership with The Goddard School at the Wharf.

The Wharf is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in DC. The countless new businesses, apartment buildings, and activities are drawing in tons of families with young children. And if there’s one thing these young families need, it’s quality education and childcare. The Goddard School at the Wharf is bringing just that to the neighborhood.

The Goddard School at the Wharf Experience

You may already know Goddard’s excellent reputation in the realm of early childhood education. With nearly 600 locations across the country, Goddard is known for its nurturing approach, excellent enrichment opportunities, and highly qualified teachers.

Families at Goddard can expect their children to receive warm and nurturing care from their teachers through a play-based curriculum. The curriculum is flexible, based on the children’s interests and individualized based on their developmental stages. 

Another piece of the Goddard experience is the focus on community. The school is owned by local dad Taylor Pope, who knows firsthand how essential it is to build your “village” when you have young kids. He is committed to creating fun social opportunities for not just the kids, but for their families, too. 

Whether it’s at a Nationals game or at the school’s annual Fall Fest, there are tons of opportunities to meet other families, make friends, and feel part of this special community.

One piece of the Goddard experience that really speaks to me, especially as a former preschool teacher, is the quality of the teachers. 

The school consistently offers continuing education opportunities which help the teachers stay up to date on the latest child development research, teaching techniques, and licensing requirements. The kids really benefit from this investment in their teachers and are able to thrive under their professional care.

Excellent Enrichment Programming

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom at Goddard. The children also get to experience tons of enrichment opportunities at no additional cost to the parents. 

Some of these activities include: 

  • Sign language
  • Spanish
  • Dance and Music
  • Art
  • Yoga

The Goddard School at the Wharf also offers the very popular Soccer Shots program, with group classes held once per week onsite in the spring and Fall.

There’s really something for everyone! 

Top-Tier Safety and Security 

Now more than ever, safety and security is a major consideration when searching for schools for our children. Taylor understands this deeply, and many of the school’s details reflect his commitment to student safety. 

For example, everything the children experience is on the school grounds, meaning there’s no dependence on those little donut holders or crossing busy intersections for kids to get outdoor play. 

The playground is on-site, and the school is building a second, indoor playground at its new site across the street from the original location. These facilities are for the school community only. They are not open to the public on weekends or in the evenings. 

Field trips are on-site as well. The kids have had special visits from zoos, firefighters, sports team mascots, and more, that have given them fun educational experiences in the comfort of their own space. 

Since everything is right there, parents can relax in knowing that their children will be in the school complex from the moment they’re dropped off until they’re ready to be picked up. 

Speaking of dropping off and picking up, Goddard makes it as easy and convenient as possible for parents. There is a designated lane outside the school that is just for drop off and pick up, and the new location across the street will feature parking spots and garage validation. Plus, the school offers valet service through an app for parents who might be rushing to work and don’t have time to walk into the school. 

Enrolling Your Child at Goddard 

Goddard operates on rolling admissions, and spaces are available now! 

The Goddard School at the Wharf classroomFamilies can apply now and hold their start date to have a guaranteed space as late as next February. There also is a wait list if you’d like to apply now but don’t have a specific start date in mind. 

As with everything in city living, flexibility is key. Because of this, Goddard doesn’t operate  on contracted periods. The school just requires 30 days’ notice if your family is moving or  if your child is ready to move on to a new school. 

Interested in learning more? You can reach out to Taylor directly or fill out this inquiry form

Or, come to Goddard’s upcoming open house. This special event will be held on October 10, 2022, from 3:30-5:30pm. It will give you the opportunity to mingle with current families, tour the school, and get a feel for whether Goddard is the right fit for your family.