The Best Experience Gifts: Gifts That Are Not “Stuff”


This article was originally written by Kristin Beheler and has been updated by Jackie Malkes.

The holidays are coming up quick! Grandparents might already be asking what gifts to get the grandkids. Of course, family (especially grandparents) love to give gifts but do our kids need more stuff (toys, clothes, etc.)? Instead of more stuff, why not ask for the gift of experiences?

Gift of experiences

So what do I mean by giving gifts of experiences instead of stuff? You (or grandparents or family) can gift your kids with memberships, concerts, or classes. You could even gift them with a day trip somewhere like New York, Philly, or Baltimore. These are things you can do as a family, on a special “date” day with just one child, or a grandparent day.

Luckily our area has a lot to offer!  Please check out our official DC Area Moms’ Holiday Gift Guide with lots of ideas for experience gifts. Here are even more ideas to get you started:

Favorite Membership Gifts in the DMV Area

Gift of experiences

Favorite Classes for Kids

gift of experiences

STEM Related Mailorder Experiences

Tickets to Sporting Events

Family-Friendly Concerts & Experiences

Gift Cards/Passes/Tickets

We live in an area with a lot to offer. For Christmas (or birthdays) why not help them experience it? The memories made will long outlast whatever “stuff” they could get as an alternative.

What would you add to this list of experience gifts? Please share your ideas in the comments below!