Everything You Need to Know About the White House Easter Egg Roll


Valentine’s Day is behind us – next up, Easter! And one of the benefits of living in the DMV is the proximity to one of the nation’s biggest Easter celebrations: the White House Easter Egg Roll. We share all the details and everything you need to know about this event.

This is one of the biggest events in the area of the year, but draws people from all over. The competition to get in is steep, but you could get lucky, so follow these tips to attend this year (or a year in the future)!

You Must Get White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery Tickets!

Tickets are free but based on a lottery.

Follow @EasterEggRoll about a month or so out (that’s now!) from Easter so you can be ready to create a Recreation.gov account and sign your family up before the lottery closes on March 4, 2024.

The lottery results are released on March 11 and the actual White House Easter Egg Roll is April 1, 2024.

There are morning and afternoon time slot options (a total of seven time slots) so make sure to enter the lottery for the timeframe that works best for you and your family.

Don’t Leave Too Late if you Take the Metro

This event draws people from all over, who are likely staying in hotels and will be taking the metro to the White House, along with the DC residents who get tickets. Leave early in case the Metro cars are too packed to fit on the train!

Do Book Parking if you Don’t Take Metro

SpotHero is the best! We were able to book a parking spot in advance very nearby – proximity should be as close as possible when traveling with a toddler! Booking a parking spot wasn’t more expensive than any other day and was very convenient.

Don’t Worry About Entertainment When in Line

When you’re waiting in line to enter the park and even when waiting in line for certain activities on the lawn (like the actual White House Easter Egg Roll, for example), they move surprisingly fast!

If you’re nervous about your littles getting boredom-induced tantrums, feel free to bring tablets, little toys that won’t get lost, and snacks. You can bring them all inside in a tote bag – security will just check all bags.

Definitely bring a big-ish bag with you to keep track of all the freebies you’ll get!

Do Bring the Stroller to the Easter Egg Roll

The White House lawn is VAST. It might seem inconvenient, but bring the stroller for when your kids complain about being tired. Trust me, I visualized me navigating crowds with a clunky stroller, but it came in handy!

Don’t Forget to Watch Your Step!

They use real eggs for the egg hunt and roll, and the lawn gets messy as the day goes on. I wouldn’t wear super nice shoes because of this! And definitely not heels unless they’re super comfortable – you’ll be on your feet and walking all around the lawn the entire time you’re at the Easter Egg Roll.

Do know the activities at the very beginning of the Easter Egg Roll close about an hour before the end of your time limit of the experience.

There are other fun activities that aren’t necessarily Easter-related…like dinosaurs!

Last year, there were basketball and soccer stations before really getting to the Easter Egg Roll festivities. We wanted to hit the “big stuff” and return to those later, but come to find out, we couldn’t go back that way after a certain time. Not a huge deal, but good to know to possibly manage any meltdowns!

Last Minute Tips:

  • Be on the lookout for volunteers with free commemorative tote bags they’re handing out – they come in handy for Easter crafts, decorated eggs, candies and any other souvenirs that you’ll want to take home!
  • Those same volunteers are also happy to take any family photos. Speaking of, don’t be afraid to dress nice – it’s Easter and you’re at the White House! – just be mindful of your choice of shoe.
  • Don’t forget to get your White House commemorative Easter Egg (and some extra candy) on your way out!
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Stephanie Shipman
Stephanie and her husband moved to the DC area from St. Pete, Florida (but hail from the Midwest) with their French Bulldog Reggie in 2018 for her husband's job. A few weeks after arriving, she discovered she was pregnant. Carson was born later that year, and with no family around, had to create her own village of mom friends. The family of four live in Mclean, Virginia. A former journalist, she recently rejoined the client success industry after being laid off at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. She enjoys activities with both Carson and Reggie, including walks around the neighborhood and visiting dog-friendly parks and monuments in the DMV area.


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