Black Breastfeeding Week 2020: Revive! Restore! Reclaim! #BBW20


It’s the 8th annual Black Breastfeeding Week, August 25 – 31, 2020! Here are the top five reasons why we need a week devoted to breastfeeding in the black community. 

1. The high black infant mortality rate

2. High-rates of diet-related disease

3. Lack of diversity in the lactation field

4. Unique cultural barriers among black women

5. Food deserts in black communities

To further that purpose, the people behind Black Breastfeeding Week want YOU to bring your fire, passion, and brilliant ideas to revolutionize Black breastfeeding in the United States.

I am now breastfeeding my “pandemic baby,” born during the peak of COVID-19, so breastfeeding has provided me with some extra comfort knowing that my baby is getting the nutrients he needs and antibodies that can fight off infection.

I will always advocate for black women to make the choice to breastfeed by educating them on the process—the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is no secret that breastfeeding is a commitment in many ways. It is time-consuming (especially in the early days), physically-demanding, and can be isolating. However, it is also convenient. Breastmilk is always ready and at the perfect temperature, portable and does not need a bunch of equipment (some of the time).

Check for updates on the Black Breastfeeding Week Facebook page and Instagram feed for all of the virtual events taking place this year!

I’d love to hear your experience with breastfeeding in the comments below!