5 Easy Indoor Activities for Kids to Buy You 5 Minutes of Peace


As a mom, I get it – the holiday hustle is real, and by the time January and Winter weather rolls around, we’re all in need of a breather. If you’re on the lookout for screen-free alternatives to snag a few extra minutes of peace, you’ve come to the right place! Here are five easy indoor activities for kids that not only require minimal prep and clean-up but have also been kid-tested and mom-approved. 

#1 Indoor Activities For Kids: Toy Parade Using Painter’s Tape



  1. Grab that trusty roll of painter’s tape – the unsung hero of parenting life.
  2. Create a parade route on the floor, ideally hardwood, turning any room into a grand parade ground.
  3. Instruct your little ones to choose their prized possessions and line them up along the tape.

#1 Indoor Activities For Kids: Toy Parade Using Painter's Tape

This genius activity not only sparks imagination but also teaches the fine art of organization. Watch as your mini-me becomes a parade maestro, deciding which toys get the VIP treatment. Bonus: Painter’s tape is your floors’ best friend – easy on, easy off!

#2 Indoor Activities For Kids: Solo Cup and Paper Plate Towers



  1. Raid your kitchen for solo cups and an assortment of paper plates.
  2. Challenge your munchkins to construct the tallest tower they can dream up.

Kid-Friendly Activity: Solo Cup and Plate Towers

This isn’t your average tower-building activity; it’s a crash course in fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. And fear not because cleanup is super easy – no mess, no stress!

#3 Indoor Activities For Kids: Big Roll of Paper and Sticker Dots



  1. Roll out a sizable sheet of paper – the bigger, the better.
  2. Grab a Sharpie or black dot marker and go dot-crazy (more dots = more minutes of tranquility).
  3. Hand over a sheet of stickers to your tiny Picassos and let them go wild matching stickers to dots.
Kid-Friendly Activity: Sticker Dots
Paper and Sticker Dots

Now, I can’t explain the magic behind this one, but it works like a charm. Pro tip: Opt for these magical stickers or peel off the backing on a sheet of stickers for frustration-free sticker application. 

#4 Indoor Activities For Kids: Balloon Bonanza with Pool Noodles


  • Balloon
  • String
  • Pool noodle
  • Painter’s Tape or Command Hook


  1. Suspend a balloon from the ceiling with a string & painter’s tape.
  2. Arm your little warriors with a pool noodle and let them loose 

Kid-Friendly Activity: Balloon and Pool Noodle

This high-energy fiesta not only keeps them entertained but also hones their coordination and gross motor skills. Just ensure those pool noodles are of the soft variety to prevent accidental bumps – we’re going for laughter, not tears!

#5 Indoor Activities For Kids: The Invention Box


  • A reusable box or container (I love these)
  • Random items (tape, cardboard, hangers, empty containers, ribbons, etc.)


  1. Hunt down a box and stuff it with an eclectic mix of odds and ends – your recycling bin is probably a treasure trove.
  2. Challenge your kiddos to become inventors, using the contents of the box to craft something entirely new.

Kid-Friendly Activity: Invention Box

This one’s a personal favorite. The Invention Box transforms everyday items into a playground of creativity. Switch up the supplies regularly, and it’s like a fresh toy every time. 

Here is a friendly reminder that it’s more than okay to snag a moment for yourself sometimes. Parenting is hard but these sanity-saving indoor activities for kids help. So, go ahead, try these out, and may you find a few extra moments of peace!


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