Mari Inshaw

Mari is a Florida native who moved to the area for work after grad school. She moved to the DC Truxton Circle/Shaw neighborhood and now lives the College Park, Maryland area. She began blogging about the Shaw neighborhood in 2003 and the InShaw Blog ran for 10 years until she took a break and quietly restarted it in 2017. That same year she became a new “old mom” through the adoption of an insanely handsome little boy. She loves dancing with her husband and exploring new things with her son.

Expand Your Baby’s Library with FREE Books

We are grateful to have had tons of children's books before our son arrived. Friends gave us books in addition to clothes and regular baby gifts at baby showers. When we brought Junior home,...

Consider an FSA for You and Your Family

I had been enrolled in the FSA FEDS program since before I was a mom, and enrolled in the DCFSA since becoming a mom. Both are offered to federal employees, working parents may be...
how to talk so little kids will listen audiobook

Audiobook Review: How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

I'm going to be real with you. I did not read the book How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen. Audiobooks are sometimes easier when you have kids. I engaged in one of my book...
Childcare is expensive

Have High Childcare Expenses? Take advantage of this before June 30th!

Earlier this year, I heard news that the limit for dependent care FSA (flexible spending account) would increase from $5,000 to $10,500. If you, like me, work for the Federal government, this benefit is...

3 Things We Did to Sell Our House in a Pandemic

About 2 months into the pandemic we realized our wonderful little DC townhouse wasn't for us anymore. With parks closed, we needed a yard. So we decided to move, and we managed to sell...

The Adoption Process: Start Sooner Rather Than Later

A friend of ours, who adopted using the same agency we used, told me if I wanted to adopt again, start as soon as possible. When I reached out to the agency, the social...

Why You May Want to Move Out During Home Renovation

I've renovated my house 4 times and we're on the verge of a 5th and final bit of construction. What I've learned is staying in the house during construction might save you money, but...

Getting Away From Most of It All: A Teleworking Vacation

After two months of trying to telework and care for a toddler, I'd had enough. The parks were closed. The libraries were closed. We weren't supposed to visit nearby friends and family. The lockdown...

Paradise is a Parking Lot

This article contains a sponsored link from BetterHelp. Yes, this is a play on the song Big Yellow Taxi's line "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." Another part of the song has...

Hunting for Diapers and Wipes in the Time of COVID-19

When the coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis began there was a run on the toilet paper. Then later I noticed that there was going to be a problem getting my regular Amazon delivery of baby...

Get Help With a Sick Kid Fast: Why We Used an Advice Nurse Service

Our health insurance's advice nurse services were a much-needed lifeline when we became brand new parents. "Is that normal?" was a frequent question. In Junior's first year, he was sick—a lot. And we called...

Surviving the Baby Shark Attack

Our son Junior, is a Baby Shark fan. It is a really popular song among the toddler set. Junior will sing his punk/metal version of Baby Shark at home, at church, anywhere, and at...

Working Mom vs COVID-19

So this is happening. And everything keeps changing. The plans for work and school and every other place that existed last week for COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, have changed. Whatever I write here could...

Saving for Education: My 529 Experience

This year we finally got around to setting up a DC College Savings Plan, a 529 plan, for Junior. I really didn't think too hard about it, as this is not my first experience...