Expand Your Baby’s Library with FREE Books


We are grateful to have had tons of children’s books before our son arrived. Friends gave us books in addition to clothes and regular baby gifts at baby showers. When we brought Junior home, family friends whose kids I’d known since their mom was pregnant with them, surrendered the stash of books they’d outgrown. Junior had a Billy bookcase of free books before he could roll over or crawl. So ask and you shall receive.

Love of Books with the Imagination Library

My husband and I have library degrees so we are familiar with the importance of books and reading. So we added even more books to our son’s library with free books from the DC Public Library’s Books from Birth program. It is a great program where once a month, a new “age appropriate” book arrives in the mailbox from birth to age five. Don’t worry if you aren’t in Washington, DC. Other regional libraries participate in the program so you can check the Imagination Station’s website to find a library system or program near you and sign up. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has donated over 100 million books to children all over the world with her incredible program.

Also, for older kids, check out Beyond the Book at your local library. This is a program that is an extension of the Imagination Library that encourages literacy from Kindergarteners to 3rd Grade. Head to your local library to join and get a free book or craft while supplies last!

Little Free Library for Babies and Kids

Another resource for free books to fill your child’s library can be found in a Little Free Library. In the tiny little book dispensary near our house, I have spied a children’s book from time to time. But more often, because we are overflowing with books, a book has been donated to the local Little Library. If you do not have a nearby Little Free Library, consider starting one for your neighborhood. They are community building and are a source of joy for many.

Obviously, your little one won’t be the one reading books. The books are mainly for you to read to your child and for she/he to explore and discover books. Last year we received Little Poems for Tiny Ears from Books from Birth, which appears to be a favorite. Senior gets a kick out of reading Llama, Llama Red Pajama before bed. These are part of the smaller set of books in Junior’s room for bedtime reading. He’s slowly getting the mechanics of books and sometimes I will spy him, after he’s pulled out several books, opening, closing and maybe flipping through books. Hopefully, it is his first step towards loving books.

Join the Summer Reading Program

Have your baby join the Summer Reading Program at your local library to earn a free book. This is a fun way to reward your baby for all their reading and cuddling. The DC Library typically has a range of board books to choose from for the Summer Reading Program.

Are there other places you love to get free books for baby? Share them in the comments!