Top Homeschooling Resources in DC, MD, and VA


Many people express an interest in homeschooling, and the biggest obstacle is usually just not knowing where to start. I am often approached about this since our family has chosen to homeschool, and I myself was educated at home. Here are necessary homeschooling resources to guide anyone who is ready to explore this option in the D.C. area!

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Getting Started

Ready to start homeschooling in the DMV? First, review your state’s guidelines and familiarize yourself with the wonderful resource that is Homeschool Legal Defense Association. HSLDA was established over 40 year ago to protect and advance homeschool freedom in the courts. The site is one of the largest resources and is easy to navigate for state requirements. There is plenty of additional information including where to find consultants and grants.

Additional Resources:

Please note that while these are grouped by area, for the most part they are interchangeable resources and all are worth perusing. For example, the HEAV website is incredibly thorough for homeschoolers everywhere.

Homeschooling Resources for D.C.:

D.C. Home Educators Association provides a compilation of resources, sites and local niche groups for D.C. homeschoolers, as well as information on homeschool days at the museums, and helpful area-specific blogs.

The Homeschool Mom This site provides information on legal requirements, and can help connect you to local homeschool groups. It also contains printables, lesson planning help, and free meal plans.

Office of the State Superintendent of Education provides information on the District’s requirements, and a link for submitting your Notice of Intent to homeschool.

Homeschooling Resources for Maryland:

Maryland Homeschool Association covers how to get started in Maryland. They also provide resources for high school, information for families with special needs, and an extensive directory of activities in the area.

Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators This group connect Christian homeschooling families and provides additional resources. Memberships are available for more.

People’s Law Library of Maryland provides more information on the legal requirements of families homeschooling children age five and up. Links to forms are available, as well as an up-to-date list of homeschooling coordinators by county.

Homeschooling Resources for Virginia:

Home Educators Association of Virginia offers a robust collection of resources. There are links to publications, mentorship programs, local homeschool groups, testing information and tips, evaluators, tutors, and even scholarship opportunities. HEAV also hosts a large convention annually, and has a staff to address questions. Their private Facebook group is also active and is its own helpful resource.

Virginia Homeschoolers is another excellent place to find advice. I love that they compiled an online “Bookstore.” There is also have a current events calendar, along with virtual workshops, and registration for a graduation ceremony.

Virginia Department of Education provides links to required forms and a list of school division contacts.

Next, check out the these lists of curricula to get an idea of ready-to-start options: and

We love our local library, museums, and the rich history in the Washington, D.C. area that naturally expands on home education. Do you homeschool? What top resources do you love?