LASIK for Moms: My Rationale & LASIK Experience

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When I was in middle school I learned I needed glasses, which was no surprise as everyone in my family had them. In high school I was thrilled to get contacts for my fifteenth birthday. I felt they worked pretty well combined with still using my glasses at times…until motherhood changed that calculation.

Nearly a year ago I had LASIK. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Here are five reasons I elected to have LASIK as well as an overview of my experience with the procedure at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons. Also, they are offering $800 off for DC Area Moms Blog readers–so go ahead and contact them today

My 5 Reasons Why I Wanted LASIK

1. All Things Water

Water is a huge part of our family’s world. We enjoy sailing, swimming, and just plain splashing around. Sunscreen and/or water in my eyes and contacts didn’t mix. Additionally, when I was abroad in a locality without easy access to clean running water or having a camping-style experience contacts were even trickier. Plus traveling with glasses, contacts, and related accessories was a pain!

Wearing my glasses during one of my “me-cations” to Miami. Right before the procedure you can’t wear contacts, which made this Miami trip a bit tricky. However not needing contacts or glasses made future water-oriented trips much more pleasant!

2. Time Savings

Removing and cleaning contacts can take time, as can properly putting them in. Saving a couple of minutes during a morning routine when you are trying to get not just yourself but your child ready is pretty great, and I didn’t like having to take my eyes off my child to focus so intently on getting my contacts in.

3. Breastfeeding

My eyes were so dry that I could barely wear my contacts while breastfeeding. Getting up in the middle of the night was also trickier and now happening every night in the early days, and figuring out contacts or fumbling for glasses with the pump parts on my nightstand was less than ideal.

4. Glasses Grabs and Smudges

This breastfeeding dryness combined with my new lifestyle as a parent prompted more of a return to glasses, but that didn’t really work. When I did wear glasses my babe would grab them off my face, smudging and sometimes even mangling them. It just wasn’t working, and my husband wisely suggested I consider LASIK as a better option.

5. Cost Savings

Yes, LASIK is initially expensive up front. However I did the cost calculation for glasses, contacts, and eye exams over my lifetime and LASIK is cheaper.

My LASIK Experience at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Taking a “shot” of carrot juice before embarking upon the procedure. I love how Dr. Martin tried to make the procedure as fun as possible while also ensuring I was prepared.

I was a bit trepidatious about LASIK. The idea of my eye being touched and even cut in this way seemed creepy and very sci fi to me. I also had a traumatic birth experience with my first child, so the idea of another surgery that wasn’t essential was certainly one for me to consider.

I am happy to say that I had a really positive experience with Dr. Neil Martin at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons.

First, Dr. Martin and his team did a thorough evaluation of whether I was a candidate for the procedure. My appointments happened on time and I had a chance to ask any and all questions, chatting for as long as I wanted. I felt heard and empowered to make the right choice for me and no pressure to make a decision either way. Once I decided to have LASIK I was given clear instructions around what to expect.

The LASIK procedure is done on a Thursday morning, and if all goes well you’ll be back in business by Monday. You are given an anti-anxiety medication, told what is happening during the procedure, and it really doesn’t take very long. I was happily surprised that I was calm and honestly intrigued during it and not very stressed. Afterwards you go home and take a nap — and it’s nice to be required to close your eyes for awhile as a parent. 

Enjoying a night out with my husband during my recovery weekend after the procedure. I missed being able to wear eye make-up but I totally understood why! And I knew it was temporary.

My recovery has gone well. I needed regular eye drops for awhile, but it wasn’t really more inconvenient than contact lenses. This summer has been delightful, swimming and splashing with my son without any concerns. LASIK has already been worth the investment, and as I prepare to breastfeed again when I have a second child this fall I’m even happier that I made this choice.

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