4 Best Lavender Fields in the DMV


I think the first time I really started using lavender was when preparing to bring home my first baby. We got our room all ready, complete with a diffuser that I would fill with lavender essential oil. We used it nightly. My husband always kind of rolls his eyes at my use of essential oils, but there is research that inhaled lavender improved the sleep of certain patients.

And even if you still roll your eyes, like my husband, lavender at least has a gorgeous scent… except if you’re a deer… which would be weird because you’re reading this article. Deer don’t like the smell of lavender which is why it’s such a popular plant for outside people’s homes. If you are looking for something outdoors and fragrant to add to your summer bucket list, here are 4 lavender fields to visit in the Washington, DC area.

Doing yoga in lavender fields

4 Best Lavender Fields in the DMV

  1. Seven Oaks Lavender Farm is in Virginia, about an hour from DC and is very popular. You don’t need a reservation, you just show up, pick lavender, have a picnic with your family – there are even lavender desserts and lavender lemonade… which I have had and it is delightful. There is an outdoor play area for kids and they can also check out and feed the bunnies on the farm. You can even go “glamping” here! Waking up to the smell of lavender sounds good to me. Plus, take a yoga class at the lavender farm starting June 15.
  2. White Oak Lavender Farm in Harrisonburg, VA. Now this farm is a longer drive… more of a day trip, but it made the Travel Channel’s list of one of the best in the entire country. The farm makes its own lavender wine and does wine pairing dinners too.
  3. Blooming Hill Lavender Farm & Gift Shop is in Virginia as well. Apparently Virginia is for (Lavender) Lovers! This farm is a little more than an hour from DC. You can pick your own lavender, but there is also yoga offered on some days. Actually, in my research I found that many of these lavender fields offer yoga. Blooming Hill also has public and private teas. Note: Farm is only open Fridays & Saturdays.
  4. Kharis Lavender Fields is in Maryland! Maryland’s for lavender lovers, too! Specifically, this is in Gaithersburg. It’s only about 15 minutes from my house, so I took a ride there as soon as I could. I did yoga in between rows of lavender on a sunny evening and it was fantastic. Inside, there is a space you can rent out for private parties. Following yoga with Warrior One Yoga (pictured here), I was given lavender lemonade and fruit and bread dipped in lavender syrup and even lavender balsamic vinegar. These are all things that exist! Now, this was a special event, but you can buy all types of these products in the store on site. I couldn’t walk away without getting some lavender bug spray for the summer and lavender honey! I also met the owner who knows all things lavender and named her fields Kharis which means “grace” in Greek. Note: You have to call for an appointment before arrival.

Have you ever been to a lavender field in the Washington, DC area? Which is your favorite?

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