Jennifer Muscato

Jennifer is a producer, wife and mom of 2 boys. She relocated to the DC area, from Los Angeles, in April 2018 to be closer to family on the east coast. Between working full-time and being a mom, she doesn't have a ton of extra time, but she loves to write, watch shows and have a drink(s) with friends. She is also a true crime addict and listens to podcasts constantly!

10 Best Coffee Shops in Maryland

Let's visit the best coffee shops in Maryland. After a hectic time with the kids, is there anything better than a couple solo hours at a coffee shop? Spoiler alert: there's not. Even before I had...

5 Top Meaderies in the DMV

Do you have the need... the need for mead?? Okay, maybe you don't even know what mead is... or a meadery for that matter. Think of it as going to a winery, only mead is alcohol...

4 Best Lavender Fields in the DMV

I think the first time I really started using lavender was when preparing to bring home my first baby. We got our room all ready, complete with a diffuser that I would fill with...
when a loved one struggles with infertility

When A Loved One Struggles With Infertility

I consider myself to be good with words, but I'm at a loss for them when something bad happens to someone I love. What can I say to make them feel better? I don't...
when grandpa is in a wheelchair

When Grandpa is in a Wheelchair: Having Fun Through the Heartbreak

When grandpa is in a wheelchair, does it mean he can't play with his grandkids? Of course not! You just have to know how. All it takes is love, positivity, and a little music. December 3rd...
the best true crime podcasts

The Best True Crime Podcasts

I'm asked for recommendations all the time for the best true crime podcasts. Why? Because ever since "Serial" debuted in 2014, I have been hooked. I listen to true crime podcasts constantly, although, I've had...

Becoming a Stepparent

Becoming a stepparent. For some, it may be the last thing in the world they thought would ever happen. At least, that's the case for my best friend Michelle. She fell in love with, and...

Pregnant or Breastfeeding and the Olympics

When I was pregnant, I could barely walk from my car into my work building without taking a break. And I counted that as my exercise for the day. But when it comes to Lindsay...

Should I Freeze My Eggs?

Should I freeze my eggs? It's a question I remember asking myself in my early thirties after a chat with my then boss. She was older than I was and we were talking about trying...

What does “snapback” mean?

The "snapback." We need to talk about it. Especially now since the topic's been in entertainment news lately. What does "snapback" mean? Maybe you've heard of it. Maybe you haven't. But it's the idea that after...

Maternity Leave: Still Not Enough

I have been wanting to write about the lack of proper maternity leave in this country for a while now, and, interestingly, it was a series of tweets from new mom Katy Perry that...

Our World is Changing and It’s Time to Listen

Our world is changing. It's a good thing. It's a long, overdue thing. The death of George Floyd has led to protests, name and policy changes, and a general awakening. The year 2020 will go...

Movies to Watch to Take Your Mind Off the News

The news is tough to watch, especially these days. It's important to be informed, but at a certain point, it all becomes too much. To escape, I am a fan of movies—always have been....

National Foster Care Month: A Foster Father’s Story

May is National Foster Care Month. Now, with what's going on in the world currently, nothing is untouched from the Coronavirus pandemic ... and that includes the foster care system. Families in the system...