An Open Letter to Taylor Swift Fans from a DC Swiftie


As a Swiftie, it’s nice to know that other millennial moms love Taylor Swift like I love Taylor Swift. Swifties, unite! Hi, it’s me, your friend, local mom, and huge Swiftie. If you’re reading this and thinking “what in the world?” It’s ok! Join us. We’re welcoming and love to spread the love(r) all around. There are no blank spaces with us, so you’re safe and sound here.

Swifties are Here for It

We are fans of the Taylor Alison Swift, or Swifties, as we call ourselves. I’ve been a fan since her debut album, but 1989 solidified her as my favorite musical artist. I used to wonder what would happen to us fans as we aged. Would we stop caring and listening to her music as kidz bop, Disney, and Cocomelon took over our drives and lives? Would we watch the Grammys and think “oh, look, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now? Why? Because she’s cool and I’m home with the kids!” Would there be a getaway car for us from all things related to our kids?

But alas! We have aged with Taylor, stayed with her, supported her, and her music has stayed with us and supported us. In fact, my toddler is a fan, knows the words to “All to Well” (10 minute version) and loves listening to “Karma.” My baby falls asleep to different Taylor songs nightly. So, simply put, we’re still here and we’re still fans!

Taylor Swift is Relatable

What I find really wonderful about Taylor Swift music and her as an artist is that I have never felt left out. We’ve all seen the memes about listening to folklore or evermore alone, drinking wine, crying, but in reality, there is so much about her music that we all can relate to. She might not have kids, but she knows about life. Like we know about life. She’s had heartbreak and success like we all have had. She’s had bullies and best friends and family.

There’s so much to relate to – even beyond her music. As a Swiftie, I am acutely aware of everything that goes on in her life (and fully believe that Travis Kelce is the best person she has dated and hope that it works out and they live a happy life together forever!!!). And I relate to that as well. Taylor Swift may be a celebrity, but she’s been open about the many personal struggles she’s gone through. I can sure relate, as there is lots I have dealt with and continue to deal with. She’s still a millennial like I am, after all, and we all have our fair share of trauma!

Please Come to the Washington, DC Area

As a DC Area Mom and Swiftie, I was extremely sad when DC was left off the Eras Tour schedule. So Taylor, if you’re reading this….please add us as a new date! Full disclosure, I did see you in Denver last summer with my best friend but I’d love to see you again! We’d welcome you here with open arms and let the Nation’s Capitol become Taylor’s Capitol. Heck, I’d even go as far to say that the big white house at 1600 Pennsylvania might be a nice stop for you (a future residence, perhaps!? Jokes because you’re too smart to want that job!).

Anywho, I write this to let you other area Swifties know that you’re not alone. You can jam out in the car with your kids to whichever album is your favorite and know that I am doing that too. Check Taylor Swift’s social media in the few minutes of peace you get to see if she’s announced “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” yet. Text your other Swiftie friends about all the Taylor sightings at the Chiefs game (GO CHIEFS!). And you can celebrate her and celebrate your fandom, because there are lots of us around doing the same.

And until Taylor decides to add some tour dates, I’ll just be over here with teardrops on my guitar, hoping that my wildest dreams come true.