Caroline Quat

Caroline is a mom to two boys, a toddler and baby. Along with exploring DC through kid eyes, she loves spending time with her dog and husband, which now includes early morning walks to grab coffee in their Brookland neighborhood and finding activities to tire out the toddler. Brunch has already been her favorite, and she loves that DC has the best brunch scene. She works as a healthcare lobbyist, but her real passion is eating dessert, watching reality shows, and going to bed early.

Hospitalized with RSV

My 6-month-old was hospitalized with RSV. And it was scary. It was stressful. It was, frankly, a lot to deal with. But I also learned a lot. So let’s talk about it. What is RSV? RSV...

Local Alternatives to Big Chains

Although online shopping at big box shops usually gets the best of me, when it comes to eating out, I try to visit local alternatives to big chains. This means that I try to...

Top Recipes for Toddlers and Adults to do Together

My toddler loves to help in the kitchen. He loves pouring ingredients, watching the process, and stirring a batter. Baking together is something we both love. I’ve loved watching him blossom and learn new...

Why I Love Costco

I love Costco. As a busy mom with a newborn, a toddler, and who also works outside the home full-time, the less I have to run errands, the better. I've been a Costco member...

The Ultimate Stain Guide for Families

Kids stain their clothes. They stain the carpet. Their bed sheets. They stain everything. Kids are messy. We know this. But we don’t have to wait for a stain to appear to learn how...

Guide to Golf Activities for Everyone in the Washington, DC Area

Locations: National Harbor 6400 Clipper Way Oxon Hill, MD (301) 686-8240 Germantown 20101 Century Blvd Germantown, MD (240) 644-6014 Loudoun 20356 Commonwealth Center Dr. Ashburn, VA (703) 763-2020If you’re looking for things to do in your area, there are plenty of places to go – but...

Birth Defect Awareness

I recently learned that January is Birth Defect Awareness Month. It's odd that I didn't know about it because I was born with a birth defect, which I mentioned in this article about my...

Top DC Area Toddler-Friendly Places for Grandparents

Living around Washington, DC means there are lots of places to visit for people of all ages. But when my parents came to watch our toddler for a week in between daycare transitions, I...
your child needs ear tubes

So Your Child Needs Ear Tubes

So your child needs ear tubes. Did you know that 500,000 children each year get tubes in their ears? I didn't, but learning that statistic when the pediatric ENT told us our one-year-old needed...

A Momcation Series: Part 3–A Plane Ride Away

For part three of DC Area Moms “Momcation” series, we bring you some locations that are a plane ride away. In our first two articles, we looked at staycations and locations an easy drive...
top 5 food halls in the dc area

Top 5 Food Halls in the DC Area

Food halls seem to be the newest trend, and the DC area isn’t immune. Finding the top food halls in the DC area can be tough, as the concentration of them has increased in...

Top 7 Parks on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is full of parks with playgrounds. And everyone loves a good park, especially when it’s that perfect day with perfect weather. So how do you know which ones to go to? Honestly,...
self-care is different for everyone

Self-Care is Different for Everyone

Self-care looks different for everyone. And self-care is hard—it’s the truth. As much as “Take care of yourself!” and “Treat yourself to that fancy coffee!” and “You can’t be the best for your kids...
best instagram accounts for moms

The Best Instagram Accounts for Moms

I used Instagram before I became a parent to keep up with friends, family, and highlights of others' lives. It wasn’t used for any educational purposes. As the COVID-19 pandemic began and everything went...