Chaia’s Family Life: A Photo Essay Series


I am a full-time lawyer, wife and mama to a rambunctious 3.5 year old. I start my day early, arriving to work before 8 a.m., while Dad does drop-off. I always say that I have the fun part of the day – picking up my son from school! I get to see that big smile and get a really big, snuggly hug. We go home and have a snack while waiting for Dad to get home from work. We are so grateful that Bridget Eldridge Photography captured a typical evening in our household once we are all settled in.

During the spring and summer we often enjoy our big-for-DC backyard.

This silly guy loves to pose.

At some point, we get hot or tired of the bugs and go inside to play some more.  DJ loves race cars!

Another fun game is when Daddy plays “monster” and chases us around the house. DJ insists that I carry him while we run! 

Of course Daddy has to get some tickles in!

After all that playing, it’s time for a bath. 

We have an extremely large family, which means extended family is always around. My cousin and DJ’s godmother lives with us. It’s sweet to watch their relationship form.

Who can resist this cute face?!

After some more snacks and a bit of TV, it’s time for (kisses and) bed. 

We hope you enjoy this photo essay series peeking into the lives of a few of our contributors. Photos for this series are by Bridget Eldridge Photography. Bridget specializes in capturing moments that show the love in the chaos, the humor in the frustrating, and the magic of the mundane. She is on a mission to celebrate moms by getting them in the frame and show them the amazing job they do everyday. To learn more, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.