Happy World Down Syndrome Day!


World Down Syndrome Day takes place every year on March 21 (3/21) to celebrate and bring awareness to individuals with Trisomy 21. Here’s what you need to know!

What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a chromosomal arrangement where a person has an extra chromosome. There are three types of Down syndrome depending on what happens to the chromosomes; Translocation, Mosaic, and Trisomy 21. Presently 95% of people with a diagnosis have Trisomy 21. Additionally this diagnosis is associated with intellectual and physical disabilities as well as common medical conditions.

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How to Celebrate in the DMV

The Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia has everything you need to celebrate WDSD this year! Check out this webpage for information on two different fundraisers at the Mosaic District happening on Thursday March 21. Then, you can read through the 21 additional ideas on how to celebrate and show support! Finally, consider supporting these local businesses who employ adults with disabilities.

  1. Jake’s Popcorn– Falls Church, VA
  2. Bitty and Beau’s Coffee– Washington DC
  3. Cameron’s coffee & chocolates– Fairfax, VA
  4. Jake’s Ice Cream– Falls Church, VA
  5. Ky’s Kards– Order online
  6. Collettey’s Cookies– Order online

What WDSD Means to Me

Some of my favorite people in the world happen to have Down syndrome. They have brought so much joy into mine and my family’s lives. I’m thankful to know them and celebrate them today. I asked their caregivers what they would want DMV parents to know about their kids. Here’s what they said-

“He [my son] truly inspires me every day with his never ending joy. His positive attitude no matter what is happening has impacted myself and many others. I wish we could all see the world through my son’s eyes.” -Alyssa Dawn, Springfield, VA

Alyssa Dawn and her son

“I think what I would want people to know is that ALL individuals with Down syndrome deserve to be included in the community with dignity and respect. Not just the cute ones and the ones who can communicate with words. Not just the really independent ones. All means all.” -Heather A. Trammel, Springfield, VA

“Olive has taught me so many incredible lessons; meeting people where they are at in life and giving them worth regardless of IQ, physical strength, test scores, and abilities. The empathy that Olive unconditionally shows to others around her inspires me every day to be more compassionate and aware of other’s feelings.” -Stacey Trifu, Springfield, VA

“Our daughter has a natural gift for drawing people in-her smile, joy, acceptance of everyone- it’s contagious. She also reminds us to appreciate all the little gifts in daily life. She fully enjoys the simple things and inspires us to do the same. Our family laughs and celebrates more due to the influence of our daughter.” -Shelley Mansfield, Springfield, VA

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Let’s celebrate all the joy, kindness, and compassion that is in the world because of people with Down syndrome.


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