What’s in my Diaper Bag?


As a mom of two under two, I’ve recently felt like I am going out of the house with an extension of the house on my back. I’ve always been a huge fan of watching influencers pull out what they are carrying and using that as a guide to pack for us. I’d love to share the important and necessary contents of my purse and diaper bag.

©Africa images via Canva

This is what’s in my diaper bag:

  1. A gallon sized zip lock bag where I put a couple diapers for both my kids. This bag is usually near the top of the big so it can be the first thing I can access quickly. In the bag I put:
  2. A packing cube with spare clothes for both of the kids, some Tylenol, and some lotion or ointment for dry skin.
  3. A quart sized ziplock bag with snacks for my toddler
  4. A cooler pouch with some ice packs in it for some breast milk bags
  5. A small travel pump, the charger that accompanies it, flanges, and a nursing cover up (which doubles as a light blanket)
  6. Some spare formula in an unused bottle with the measuring spoon
  7. Some shelf stable milk
  8. A spare sippy cup for milk for my toddler
  9. A book and some small toys for my toddler
  10. Some anti bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer
  11. A bulb syringe, a snot sucker, and saline spray
  12. Some rattles and biting toys for the baby
  13. A bottle of breast milk and a bib or other cloth
  14. My personal pouch – wallet, mints/gum, AirPods, phone, chapstick, Advil/tylenol, keys

Yes, the diaper bag does get heavy and yes I do often put it in the stroller but I have found that it calms my angst when I have these items on me. In many situations it has allowed my children to have what they need without having to scramble. We’ve taken this backpack on many travels and outings and as much as I look forward to the day where I don’t have to carry this diaper bag. I am thankful I have it and it helps us maintain a sense of freedom.

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