Glamping Adventures: What You Need To Know


Are you looking for a way to unwind in nature, but without the hassle and gear that camping requires? Looking to recharge your own battery and make some new memories in a beautiful surrounding? Perhaps this all sounds good to you, but camping sounds like a bit too much work (so much gear!). Consider a more luxurious approach – glamping! A portmanteau of “glamour” + “camping”, you may have heard the term glamping before. This kind of outdoor adventure gives you the experience of being in nature but with some of the creature comforts you want from home.

glamping adventureWhat To Look For With Glamping

The point of glamping is to getaway while still retaining the feeling of being not too far removed from everyday conveniences. Most glamping sites will offer running water (toilets, hooray!), electricity, fresh linens, kitchen/cooking supplies, and often some sort of communal gathering spot (a fire pit or on-site dining options, for example).

While some glamping accommodations are designed to be like tiny houses, others are more tent-like. Yurts are rising in popularity, even though they have been around for centuries. These circular structures are made with sturdy canvas and can make for quite a cozy abode. Safari tent style glamping is another popular option that, despite being a tent, can still be quite luxurious. Need more options? Treehouses and pods are other less traditional but very unique glamping options you can also consider!

Glamping adventure Our Experience With Getaway

We rented a tiny cabin through the company Getaway House, which has dozens of locations across the country. Closest to DC, there are two outposts: Shenandoah North and Shenandoah. Friends of ours also rented at the same time and it was a joyful experience to share with others. We made burgers over the fire, roasted s’mores, and went on a stargazing walk under the night sky.

Right away we were impressed with our well appointed cabin. These small dwellings range from in total space of 140 – 200 square feet. Since we brought our kids, we rented a cabin with bunk beds (2 queens). There is a small area for eating, a small kitchen and sink, and a bathroom with toilet and shower. Though the cabin is small, the space is expertly designed. There are many cabins at each site, but each within the collection is separated just enough to give you adequate privacy.

glamping adventureAdditionally, each Getaway house has it’s own picnic table, set of Adirondack chairs, and fire pit. You can pay a little extra for firewood or s’mores kits, or just bring your own. Each cabin also includes a small selection of books, playing cards, and a transistor radio. There is a cell phone storage box to encourage you to truly “unplug”, and they thoughtfully include a few suggestions for things to see and do in the area (local stores, hikes, etc).

glamping adventure

Is Glamping Right For You?

If you are looking for a “soft entry” into the world of camping, introducing it via a glamping excursion might just be the best bet for your family. For little kids in particular, who may be fearful of being in the woods for the first time (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!), having a cozy glamping experience can build excitement to look forward to more traditional camping in the future. Glamping might also be a good choice for you if you are not wanting to invest the time and money into getting all the gear camping requires, and if you just want to do this once in a while. Looking for a couples getaway? My husband and I both decided we absolutely want to do this again – both with and without our kids!

glamping adventure If you do decide to go whole hog and try camping in the future, be sure to check out some other tips here!