Juliet Armerding

Juliet Armerding
It took Juliet a while to fall in love with DC but, a dozen years later, she wouldn't want to live anywhere else! Juliet and her fellow native New England husband have 2 school-aged girls and a toddler boy, and love raising them in this vibrant city. A former middle school teacher and marketing assistant, Juliet is currently a SAHM in NW DC, on a block happily filled with many other young families. She loves laundry day, visiting ALL the museums, reading historical fiction, eating sweets, theatre, and planning overseas adventures.

Food Clean-Out: Taking a Freezer Inventory

Does this sound familiar? You're looking for an ingredient for dinner that you KNOW you've purchased. After much searching, you can't find it and give up and frustratingly have to pivot your meal plan....

Support These Local Women-Owned DC Businesses!

It’s March, and that means it’s Women’s History Month! One way to celebrate women’s accomplishments is by supporting women-owned businesses right here in our own city. DC proper is home to dozens and dozens...

Disney’s Frozen the Musical at the Kennedy Center

Hear ye, hear ye, a royal decree for all fans of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna: Disney's Frozen the Musical has arrived in DC for the season and you don't want to miss this...

Glamping Adventures: What You Need To Know

Are you looking for a way to unwind in nature, but without the hassle and gear that camping requires? Looking to recharge your own battery and make some new memories in a beautiful surrounding?...

A Perfect Date: Cirque du Soleil!

This post is written in partnership, but all of the thoughts and views are completely our own.  Fun fact: my first official date with my now-husband was to see a Cirque du Soleil in New...

13 Bubble Tea Spots Around DC

Are you hooked on the Taiwanese treat of bubble tea? Also referred to as boba, for the edible tapioca "pearls" floating in the drink, these sweet treats have quickly become popular around town. Since...

Deck of Cards Dates: 52 Free or Cheap Date Ideas in DC!

Several years ago, I saw an idea on Pinterest for creating a deck of cards dates. This is a way to catalog 52 different date ideas from which a couple could choose date night...
Painter's Tape Toddler Activities

7 Painter’s Tape Toddler Activities: Babies to Big Kids

Ah, the humble roll of Painter's Tape - one simple material, endless possibilities. Such a simple utility item can bring endless hours of fun and activities! One of the supplies we had in bulk...

Favorite Facial Products on Amazon

In my youth, I eschewed sunscreen and slathered baby oil - yes, baby oil - over my skin in efforts to tan deeply. When I reached age 30, I decided that it was time...
how to keep produce fresh

Try This Tip To Keep Your Produce Fresh!

Imagine this scenario: you get home and unload the groceries, admiring the bounty of delicious fruit and vegetables you've purchased for your family. You toss everything in the fridge, and somehow, before you can...
soup club

Soup Club: Start a Soup Swap To Build Community

A few years ago, I was at a friend's house for a meal and we were discussing a popular mom topic: simplifying the meal schedule. She told me that she and a few other...
coupon books

Kid Coupon Books: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Do you remember making your parents coupon books as a child? Coupons good for an hour of yard work, helping a younger sibling with homework, organizing the playroom, all to be completed without complaint?...
afternoon slump

Avoiding the Dreaded Afternoon Slump

It’s somewhere around 2 pm. How’s your energy level? If you’re like a lot of people, at this part of the day you probably are experiencing an afternoon slump. To some extent, this is...
books about refugees

25 Books About Refugees For Children

This past month has been a particularly heavy month to watch news from around the world. The upheaval in Afghanistan has led to scores of displaced families becoming refugees. Many thousands have and will...