5 DC-Inspired DIY Valentine’s Day Cards


It seems that stores start displaying Valentine’s Day merchandise earlier and earlier each year. Christmas hadn’t even happened when I noticed an aisle covered in pink and red decorations. But did I buy Valentine’s Day cards for my sons’ classes then? I did not. And have I bought them yet? No, I have not.

I can’t help it. I’m a procrastinator when it comes to Valentine’s Day cards. I’m not sure why. There are plenty of reminders when I get to Target. The aisles are covered in options. I go in to buy milk (and a million other things) and I go out. There they are! Waiting for me to pick something out. Until they are not. Until I know I waited too long and there are literally NO VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS AVAILABLE.

Has this happened to you? And you are left to face your kids and tell them that you could not find a box of Valentine’s Day cards featuring their favorite character? It’s happened to me. So many times. And so here I am, at the last minute, frantically trying to make it work.

This year, I brainstormed last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas in case I waited until the last minute and needed a brilliant idea fast. I absolutely love DC, so why not theme last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas based on our beautiful city? Here are some fun ideas you could try if you get to the store and find yourself standing in an aisle helplessly looking at empty shelves where Valentine’s Day cards once were. Instead, go directly to the stationary aisle and find cardstock and markers and check yourself out of there fast.

If your child loves Washington, DC sports teams, make sports Valentine’s Day cards!

Cut out baseballs, basketballs, hockey pucks, and footballs. Write sayings, such as:

  • You’re a winner! (Use a Washington Nationals curly “W” or the Washington Commanders “W” in the word, “winner!”)
  • You’re un-BEAL-lievable! (Show the Wizards’ star some love too!)
  • I love you in #ALLCAPS (For all those puck-heads out there.)

If your child loves Washington, DC National Park sites, make junior ranger badge Valentine’s Day cards!

Cut out a junior range badge shape and decorate it with sweet adjectives, such as:

  • KIND

If your child loves Washington, DC museums, make fun souvenirs!

Cut out a fun souvenir shape, such as:

If your child loves riding Washington, DC metro or metrobuses, make train or bus Valentine’s Day cards!

Cut out a train or bus shape. Write funny metro phrases like:

  • My doors are always open for you!
  • I’d stand to the right for you!

If your child loves living in Washington, DC, make DC license plates!

Cut out a license plate shape and write:

  • URGR8

What do you do when you forget to buy Valentine’s Day cards and you are left to DIY the night before? Leave a comment and share your ideas. Wee hope you enjoy these DC-themed DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas!