50 Ideas for a No Candy Easter Basket for Kids


Every holiday my kids get too much candy. Whether from us, friends, family, or school it’s too much. We’ve got stockings filled with candy for Christmas, Valentine’s treats, and gold coins for St. Patricks Day, and even after donating Halloween candy, there’s still more than we can handle. My kids still have Valentine’s candy lurking around from their generous classmates. We still have heart-shaped Reese’s and there have been egg-shaped Reese’s filling the stores since February 15th. What’s a mom to do?! 

Well, this year for Easter, we’re trying No Candy Easter Baskets. I asked my Mom friends who have been seemingly doing cooler Easter Basket things than me for years and they had plenty of ideas! No candy, no problem! Many of these items can be found at a dollar store, Target, or you could even ask for a gently used item in your local Buy Nothing group. Consequently, candy can be a cute and cost-effective filler, but this year I’m using these other options!  


Here are some ideas for No Candy Easter Baskets:

  1. Art supplies
  2. Pool/Water Toys
  3. Bubbles
  4. Card game
  5. Watercolors
  6. Playdough (Homemade or store-bought) 
  7. Notepad
  8. Magnets
  9. Pop It Fidget Toys
  10. Bath Toys
  11. Seeds to plant
  12. Water Squirters or Squirt Bottle
  13. Puzzle
  14. Handheld Mirror
  15. Post It Notes
  16. Small Live Plant
  17. Dried or Freeze Dried Fruit
  18. Stickers
  19. Kid scissors
  20. Mad Libs
  21. Bouncy Ball
  22. Magic Tricks
  23. Silly Putty
  24. Comic Book
  25. Sandals
  26. Chapstick
  27. Lotion  
  28. Fun Band-Aids
  29. Legos 
  30. Books
  31. Sidewalk chalk
  32. Scented markers/pencils
  33. Craft kit
  34. Beads
  35. Kinetic Sand
  36. Bathing suit
  37. Slime (DIY supplies or pre-made)
  38. Deflated sports ball
  39. Kite
  40. Hair accessories
  41. Jump rope
  42. Kids gardening tools
  43. Sand pail and beach toys
  44. Harmonica
  45. Matchbox cars
  46. Water bottle
  47. Socks
  48. Slippers
  49. Hat
  50. Journal

We’ll be attending local egg hunts and getting together with friends, so it’s not a “No Candy” policy, we’re just trying to do our Easter Baskets a new way and keep the fun.

But maybe just one pack of Reese’s eggs. . . 


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