Tirzah Weiskotten

Tirzah Weiskotten
Tirzah is a digital project manager and has two adorable little boys. She moved to DC in 2000 to attend The Catholic University of America—and to get away from the cold weather that plagues her home state, Maine. Before becoming a mom, Tirzah played kickball, volunteered for the Smithsonian, and was a ball girl for the Nationals. Now that she's a mom, she explores DC in new ways by checking out library storytimes and museum playrooms and going on the occasional hike with her husband and sons. Likes: traveling, crafting, The Bachelor. Dislikes: unread emails, chores, black jelly beans

5 “Secret” Gardens in Washington, DC

I always look forward to seeing beautiful flowers growing all over the city. Mostly, that's because it means sunshine and warm weather have arrived. It also gives me hope that one day I’ll have...
baseball game with kids

7 Tips For Taking Kids to a Baseball Game

With baseball season in full swing, I’m excited to take my kids to a few games. It wasn’t too long ago when my husband and I were total rookies at bringing our one little...

Where to Get a Photo With Santa in the Washington, DC Area

It's the holiday season, and Santa’s social calendar is totally booked with events in and around Washington, DC. Although he brings joy to children everywhere, especially on Christmas day, Santa spreads the spirit of...

7 Unique National Parks to Visit Near Washington, DC

Ready to visit a National Park in the Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia area? There are many sites to choose from on the National Mall. You may have already visited the Washington Monument and...

5 DC-Inspired DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

It seems that stores start displaying Valentine's Day merchandise earlier and earlier each year. Christmas hadn't even happened when I noticed an aisle covered in pink and red decorations. But did I buy Valentine's...
Newborn Photo Shoot

5 Reasons to Do a Newborn Photo Shoot

When it comes to capturing moments, it's easy to post a picture on social media. But when it comes to capturing photos that do more than send quick updates throughout the day, a newborn...
Easy Math Tips

6 Easy Math Tips for Mamas

Growing up with a math teacher as a mom, Saturday mornings were filled with playing with tangrams and building polyhedrons. I had no choice but to practice math just about every day. Even as...

Pregnancy is Torture

I'm just going to come out and say it. Pregnancy is torture. Are you shocked by this statement? Or do you agree? I'm currently in my fourth pregnancy. I have two children, which means I suffered...

Older Moms: Let’s Think About Our Future

I remember when I heard the term "geriatric" to describe older moms nearing advanced maternal age at the doctor's office. I was only 34 at the time, and I would be "nearing" advanced maternal...
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Make a Felt Wall Christmas Tree Decoration

I've always wanted to get my children a felt wall tree for Christmas, one that they could decorate all on their own. But I always seemed to miss the shipping windows when the tree...
winter wonderland tree

Make a “We Love You!” Winter Wonderland Tree for Grandparents

When I was a kid, my parents always decorated our house festively for the holidays. They would plan ahead and decorate before the first snowfall and make sure the house shined brightly throughout the...
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Have You Ever Heard of a Caesarean Scar Defect?

Hint: A caesarean scar defect does not mean there is an issue with the visible scar on your tummy. It means there is something wrong with how the incision to your uterus healed. C-section woes Emergency...

What Do I Do If Drop-Off is a Nightmare?

Over the summer I found myself in a situation I never imagined I'd be in. It was day three of dropping my son off at summer day camp. For the first time in my...

What I Learned When I Read Letters to My Mom

When I received a note from a mom friend during a difficult time, it reminded me so much of the letters sent to my mom over the years that I found after she died....