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I don’t like Mother’s Day – and it’s ok

I don’t like Mother’s Day - and it’s ok. Over the past couple of years, around this time, there starts to be social media posts and blog entries about remembering that Mother’s Day might...
physical therapy

Living With & Fearing My Pelvic Organ Prolapse

What is a Pelvic Organ Prolapse? It's when the pelvic floor organs (bladder, uterus, rectum, and/or vagina) have weakened and descend into the vagina or out of the anus. Sounds horrible, right?! It is!...

Prescribing Away Anxiety

I picked up a prescription today. It isn’t an antibiotic. It isn’t birth control. It is an anti-anxiety medication. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to tell you why I decided...
why im not prioritizing my career

Why I’m Not Prioritizing My Job

I work full time from home, but I am not always stuck at my desk or constantly on my laptop working, or even working eight hours every day. I'm probably many bosses' ideas of...
parents and in-laws help

5 Tips: Help! My Parents and In-Laws Do Not Help!

Let’s be honest, some grandparents are more work than help. When my parents or in-laws visit for the weekend, they do not help. Most of the time, my in-laws sit on the couch watching...

My Journey Towards Creating A Hopeful Home For My Family

Appreciating The Best In Us The greatest thing to come out of the last year is a deeper understanding of my family members. We were already tight knit, but we've grown closer being home together...

My Second Birth: Giving Birth Again After a Traumatic Birth

When you’ve experienced a traumatic birth, how do you go through with a second pregnancy? I wrote about my experience here of experiencing a traumatic birth, and what I did to start healing. When...

Did I get COVID-19 from my kids?

This article tells a personal experience from the author and all opinions are those of the anonymous writer. The writer and her family are ok, have notified all locations where they have been, and...

Our Daughter’s Birth Defect and How We Coped

In my 13 years of marriage, I've had 7 pregnancies and 4 children. Pregnancies and Miscarriages In the beginning, pregnancy was difficult to achieve. I was very eager to become pregnant yet there was a year's...

Michelle Obama Is Exactly What I Needed When I Was Miscarrying

After carrying my first baby to term, enjoying every single sonogram during the pregnancy, I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant for a second time exactly when I wanted to be. My...

Traveling Spouse Blues

Parenting without the support of family is a wide-spread DC problem. For instance, military spouses are acutely aware of how isolating parenting can be with a deployed spouse. Although not in the military, here is...

Healing from a Traumatic Birth: Where to Get Started

Certainly, no one expects to experience a traumatic birth, to enter a hospital and wonder if you will be leaving. Even after the health crisis is resolved and physical scars are healed, there is...
Baby Gear for Small Spaces - BRIO Toddler Wobbler

Baby Gear for Small Spaces: Our Top 5 Essential Items

When I was preparing for the arrival of my first child, I spent hours scouring the internet and books, learning everything I could to prepare for her arrival. The more I read, the more...