Kim McCullough

Kim McCullough
Kim is native to Northern Virginia and lives with her family in Herndon, VA. She married her high school sweetheart and they have two children, Leland (2014) and Christy (2015). She and her husband have been foster parents through Fairfax County since 2015 and are also adoptive parents through foster care. She is the Director of Foster the Family DC, a local non-profit providing much-needed support to foster, adoptive and kinship families.

5 Ways to Support Foster Parents

I get asked a lot about how people can help support foster parents. And I love that question because I truly believe that more people would foster if they knew they had a strong...

5 Easy Swaps to Reduce Plastic Use

From food packaging to glittery holiday decorations, plastic is almost impossible to avoid. However, more and more information is available to us that should cause us to think twice before we take that next...
Foster Care

Foster Care Awareness Month Part 3: How can I help without fostering?

This is a continuation of a three-part series answering common questions about foster care. Check out Part 1 and Part 2. I don’t feel called to be a foster parent, but I want to help. What...
sad boy

Foster Care Awareness Month Part 2: Caring for Biological Families and Emotions

This is a continuation of a three-part series answering common questions about foster care. Check out Part 1 and Part 3 too. How do you care for biological families that aren’t working to be healthy? We...
foster teen with luggage

Foster Care Awareness Month Part 1: Answering Your Questions

I gave people a chance to ask their honest questions about foster care on my Instagram stories with the promise of answering them in a blog. So, as promised, here are some of those...
10 things to consider before beginning adoption journey

10 Things to Consider Before Beginning Your Adoption Journey

Over six years ago, my husband and I started our foster care and adoption journey. We had a spare room, big hearts, shiny rose-colored glasses, and frankly, quite a bit of innocent ignorance. While those things...
trauma-informed parent

How Being Trauma-Informed is Changing the Way I Parent

I realize that "trauma-informed" is a bit of a buzzword right now. As a foster parent, I spent the last few years learning how to parent children who come from hard places. This means...
camp with kids

An Experienced Campers Guide to Camping with Kids

I’ve only been camping twice in the last 15 years and I have never been camping with kids, which makes me the very last person you should ask about taking your family camping. But...

Conflict in Marriage: How One Friendship Led To Healing

Just a few months after we said our vows, my husband and I found ourselves in the midst of seemingly insurmountable conflict in our marriage. So, of course, we thought a big change was...
mom dealing with interruptions

The Interruptions Are My Job

Lately, I have had many opportunities to talk to my kids about big concepts, like racial reconciliation, the reality of evil in the world, and the hope we have in God. They ask a...

Training: Why My “Word of the Year” From 2019 Is Still My Word in...

It's January and you've probably already decided what your goals and resolutions are for the new year. But mine this year haven't changed much from the last two years. Yes, even after the year...
Herndon Caboose

Herndon & Reston, VA Neighborhood

We are grateful for the sponsor of this guide: The Royster Hearth Group. This Realtor Group are experts in this area. Please be sure to check out thorough details about their practice below. We are...

7 Tips for a Thriving Marriage in the Midst of a Pandemic

All marriages go through seasons, but “Pandemic” is probably the season you never saw coming. Maybe the pandemic has been a blessing to your marriage, providing simplified schedules, more margin to connect, and an...

How to Plan a Birthday Party During Quarantine

My son had been looking forward to his birthday for months. And of course, no one could have seen quarantine coming. He turned 6 at the beginning of May and all he wanted was...