Top DC Area Toddler-Friendly Places for Grandparents


Living around Washington, DC means there are lots of places to visit for people of all ages. But when my parents came to watch our toddler for a week in between daycare transitions, I had to think about what would be fun for both a small child and grandparents to do together. I had to think what could last, while at the same time being short enough where it could be cut short if both parties weren’t feeling it. Here are a few of my favorite DC area toddler-friendly places for grandparents.

Indoor Toddler-Friendly Locations

Inevitably, there will be a time when the grandparents are in town and the weather outside is not ideal. The good news about the area is that there are plenty of places indoors that are great for kids and grandparents alike. There are also lots of play places that can definitely tire toddlers out and give the grandparents a tiny break from chasing around.

Having fun at The Lane on a rainy day

Outdoor Toddler-Friendly Spots

The great outdoors and toddlers get along so nicely because they can run around and get all that energy out. Which, when grandparents are in town, is a much-needed thing, because they probably aren’t used to all that toddler energy (I know from experience!). 

No matter what the grandparents and grandchildren want to do, the DMV area has plenty of options! Make sure you check out the DC area toddler locations for grandparents. The best part will be the memories made, so make sure they snap pictures to share with the whole family.