Kristin Longwood

Kristin Longwood
Kristin Longwood is a wife, mother of two (and a bulldog), event planner, and volunteer. After years of living in DC, she made the move to Vienna and has fully embraced the suburban lifestyle. Kristin is a native New Yorker and came to the area to attend The Catholic University of America, where she eventually received a doctorate in Vocal Performance. After a career in music education and performance, she founded her own event planning firm, Boxwood & Bloom Events. Kristin loves the Yankees, Grandmillenial style, vacationing at the Jersey Shore, and The Home Edit.
Doughnuts donut

DC Area Donut Shops Guide

Everyone loves a donut! Even the pickiest eaters (read: toddlers) find a donut they like. Perfect for road trips, classroom celebrations, lazy Sunday mornings at home, or an afternoon treat. Here’s a guide to...
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2022 Family-Friendly Christmas Eve Services in the DC Area

This post was written and updated by several moms in the DC area. One of my favorite childhood memories is attending Christmas Eve services with my grandparents. We didn’t start this tradition until I was in...
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When Your Child Just Misses a Milestone

I’m a planner, both by personality and by profession. When I found out I was pregnant with my first, we stopped at Barnes & Noble before heading to a celebratory dinner. I took whichever...

Celebrate 5 “Little” May Holidays at Home

While things are looking up - longer days, more vaccine availability - things still haven’t reached a new normal. We’re still home a majority of the time, so why not celebrate the “little” holidays,...

True Life: Pregnant With COVID

On Friday, December 20, 2019, I rushed out of the DoG Street Pub in Williamsburg to take a phone call. Brimming with nervous energy, I answered the phone hoping the voice on the other...