8 Diverse YouTube Channels Featuring Children of Color


We all love YouTube, right? Now, I know the majority of us parents resort to screen time every now and then. Trust me, I’m all the way guilty of this! So finding the right things to watch is quite important. Finding diverse YouTube Channels is even more of a feat.

Shows and content can be wonderful, educational, and fun. Or it can detrimental to your child’s well being with content, ads, and just plain old inappropriate information. We need to and should do a lot of research before sitting our kiddos in front of the television or iPad.

diverse YouTube channels

YouTube Channels & Children of Color

Lately, I’ve found myself doing a lot of YouTube binging to find channels that represent ethnic and children of color. It is so important for families of all races and backgrounds to expose children to diversity as early as possible. This can help with exposure, inclusion, and acceptance very early with providing these positive visuals.

YouTube channels that represent children of color used to be hard to find, but now when you search there are so many fun, academic, and musical channels that not only promote diversity, but also learning. The great thing about these channels is that even though they are meant for children on the younger side, the music and lyrics are so good that it will have even the adults dancing. I have been a witness to my 7 year old jamming out and dancing along with the songs while having a grand old time with my 16 month old baby.

Ultimately, the goal for me and most parents I chat with is making sure their children are being exposed to things that will help them grow and learn. Here are a few great YouTube channels that represent children of color and promote diversity and culture.

8 Diverse YouTube Channels

  1. Gracies Corner Stretch your imagination with and sing along with educational and fun songs.
  2. Oma Berry Entertain your children with 3-D animation musicals that are encouraging, fun, and uplifting.
  3. JOOLS TV Get quality “edu-tainment” with this channel that focuses on culture and kids.
  4. Akili and Me Adventure with 4-year-old Akili as she explores and learns in LaLa Land.
  5. Ely TV and Rhymes Sing along with this fun nursery rhyme channel for kids.
  6. Bino and Fino Team up with this brother/sister duo in Nigeria as they explore and learn with their friend Zeena, who is a magical butterly.
  7. What’s That Rhyme! Looking for rap nursery rhymes? This channel has you covered. It was created for children with autism, but is enjoyed by all!
  8. The Tunies Join this daycare group as they live life and have fun singing along the way.

Finding diverse YouTube Channels is even more of a feat.These diverse YouTube channels are fun and most importantly teach the importance of diversity. Do you have favorite diverse YouTube channels? Share them in the comments!