Thank you, Summer


Hello, September! The weather is cooling down, the pumpkin spice lattes are filled to the brim, and school is FINALLY back in full swing. Connecting with parents on just how long and overwhelming Summer can be is painstakingly comforting. We sit there and bond over the long weeks, tough days, and how impossible it felt to get alone time. However, through these comical conversations, we tend to forget just how short the Summer months truly are. I want to pause and say “Thank you, Summer”!

Thank you, Summer

As I now sit in my quiet home for the next several hours anticipating the pickup carpool line, I find myself reflecting on just how special our Summer days with our children are. Don’t get me wrong, I have PLENTY to do that I have wanted to get to for months, but I find it important to give gratitude to one chapter closing before we open another.

Time Spent

I’m grateful for the time I was able to spend with my child. The hours seemed endless but the moments together I will forever cherish. I know that there will come a time where he will choose to hang out with others, and as much as I am looking forward to that growth, I am still in awe at the excitement we share spending each waking moment together. To be told “you’re my best friend, mama” are words I will hold close to my heart.

Lessons Learned

I’m grateful for the opportunities I was given to learn how to be a better parent. For instance, I found myself tossing around the word PATIENCE through clenched teeth. Whether it was as I was preparing food, attempting to have a phone conversation, or switching from activity to activity, the patience I expected my 3 year old to have was understandably unattainable. Sometimes we set our expectations too high, not only for our children but for ourselves. In hindsight, I believe this may have been a personal projection. I wish I could have more patience with myself and recognize the difficultly in constantly entertaining our children. Now, I can reflect and acknowledge how proud I am for the enjoyable Summer we shared, and for just how much I accomplished as a parent.

Unstructured Fun

Well, I can’t say we did much sleeping in, but it was really nice to not rush from activity to activity each day. Most mornings, my son and I would discuss what our day would look like over breakfast. At times we didn’t get started until after 10AM, and that was okay! Though I enjoyed getting outside as much as possible, even I could accept the days filled with science experiments, messy art projects, and cuddles on the couch. It was nice to move slowly and take a breath during the daily breaks.

New Experiences

There truly is nothing more special than seeing your child proud of themselves. Perhaps little moments to us, my son beamed as he drew a sun without assistance, ditched the floatie and swam in the pool, and jumped on a few carnival rides with his friends – all deserving of a “you did it!”

Not every moment was worthy of a smile. We had bumps, bruises, tears and many time-ins, which we sat in on a regular basis. I am certainly ready to go back to morning routines, packed school lunches, and afternoon activities. I also look forward to hearing about the new friendships, accomplishments, and growth my son will have this school year.

Best wishes to all students and families as we begin this next school year. Till next year, thank you, summer!


  1. Such a great article and that says it just it is… I felt your ability to grasp those treasured preschool years was so on target! Often we forget how fast everything goes and onto the next task at hand. This was inspiring to stay in the moment!

  2. This is a beautiful piece. I love this sentiment –
    “To be told “you’re my best friend, mama” are words I will hold close to my heart.” I am certain that you and Frankie will continue to hear those words from your little guy. Thank you for sharing your summer reflections with us.
    ~ Amy

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