30 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids


Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love! It’s not just for grown-ups, kids can join in on the fun too! Here are 30 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids in the Washington, DC area. Most of these are free or low-cost and are great ways to celebrate love as a family, treat your child to a fun date, and create traditions that they will remember for life.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

  1. Create homemade Valentine’s Day cards for classmates. Check out these 52 DIY ideas.
  2. Have a Valentine-themed craft day.
  3. Make a Valentine-themed scavenger hunt. Find free printables and guides to set up your scavenger hunt here.
  4. Bake and decorate Valentine-themed cookies. Here are two easy recipes: Valentine cookies and Valentines cookie pops.
  5. Have a Valentines-themed movie night. Valentines day movies for all ages HERE.
  6. Plan a Valentines-themed picnic at the Sculpture Garden
  7. Attend a local Valentine-themed event for kids, or a sweetheart dance, or parent-child dance.
  8. Go on a Maple Sugaring walk.
  9. Learn how to say ‘Be Mine’ in the animal world.
  10. Host a Valentines-themed teddy bear tea party.
  11. Make a Valentines-themed photo booth or visit Union Market’s Heart Wall.
  12. Plan a Valentines-themed cooking class.
  13. Create a Valentines-themed sensory bin.
  14. Have a kid-friendly Valentines-themed book club.
  15. Plan a Valentines-themed bingo night.
  16. Create a Valentines-themed science experiment.
  17. Get a sweet treat at Georgetown Cupcake or a local bakery.
  18. Go ice skating.
  19. Make a Valentines-themed piñata.
  20. Have a Valentines-themed potluck dinner with friends.
  21. Plan a special brunch with these treats.
  22. Go on a nature walk and look for heart-shaped objects.
  23. Have a spa day at home.
  24. Go on a family bike ride.
  25. Host a Valentine’s Day themed art class or check your local Michaels to find a free class.
  26. Plan a family outing to a local museum or exhibit.
  27. Plan a family vacation. Check out one of these 9 getaways.
  28. Make Valentine’s themed treats and watch the LVII super bowl game.
  29. Create a family mission statement or motto.
  30. Plan a family volunteer day.

Valentine’s day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love and togetherness with family, especially the little ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!