Co-Parenting with a High Vibrational Frequency


There’s something about a fresh year that can make us reflect on all of the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves and our family. For those of us who have found ourselves in the position of co-parenting, it can be easy to feel a little disappointed that life and the holidays don’t look exactly as we planned. Personally, I like to use any downtime during the holidays and new year for mindfulness. It is important to remember that a positive mindset is one of the most important factors in the co-parenting journey. We’re divorced, so we don’t “go together” anymore but we’re still family and we’re both invested in creating a beautiful life for our kids. So here’s the plan for co-parenting with a high vibrational frequency.

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Get Your Vibrational Frequency Up: The Law of Vibration

I’m sure you’ve heard all the cool kids saying “positive vibes only” or “the vibes are off.” Well, it comes from the universal law of vibration. The idea that everything and everyone vibrates at a certain frequency, which determines their energy and their experience in the world. Basically, low vibration = negative energy, high vibration = positive energy and you will attract people and circumstances that match your vibrational frequency. Even if you don’t believe in universal laws, I think we can all agree that you get out of a situation what you put into it. Same goes for the co-parenting relationship. When you operate from a space of gratitude that this is the one person in the world that cares for your little humans in the same way that you do, it becomes a lot easier to function as a team with the same goal.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Re-Define the Relationship

As with any team, having a shared mission and setting goals gets you to the finish line. In co-parenting, it’s easy to say that you want the kids to be happy, healthy, and thriving but what does that really look like? Having open co-parenting discussions as the kids rapidly grow, change, and develop will help ensure that we stay aligned on the nuances of what it takes the nurture each child individually. As a team, we also had to establish new personal boundaries between one another as co-parents and respect those boundaries in order to function as a healthy unit.

Communicate Early and Often: Check-In Regularly with the Kids

The most important voices in the equation are the voices of the kids. Their thoughts and feelings are the primary barometer for co-parenting success, so regular check-ins with them are key. We have a shared note on our phones devoted to each child. We use this to share and update anything related to the kids that we have learned from them, their teachers, their friends, etc. This helps us create some consistency and continuity of conversations and experiences whether they’re at Mommy’s house or Daddy’s house. We use the language of the “love tank” between households and nothing makes me happier than when my kids report that their love tanks are overflowing.

Onward and Upward: Day by Day

The end of a romantic relationship doesn’t necessarily need to be viewed as a failure, despite what social media will have people think. Oftentimes, the end of a romantic relationship that no longer serves you can be the start of much healthier and happier relationships within the entire family. So much of this human experience is within our control, strictly based on our mindset. Our children absorb the energy that we emit, so vibrating on a high frequency models that same positive mindset for them, guiding how they will experience this world.

The power that comes along with this energy has to be one of the most beautiful gifts a parent can give their child. In this role of co-parent, I want to be intentional about sharing this gift with my favorite little people. Learn more about the Law of Attraction in The Secret –a quick, life-changing read.


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