Ways to Support our Palestinian Friends & Palestinian-Owned Eateries


We want to show our support for the Palestinian community, as we witness the continued pain and suffering they are experiencing during this time. Many in our area have family and friends in Gaza that have lost whole families or not been able to communicate with them due to the Israeli military actions. Reach out to your Palestinian neighbors and let them know you are thinking of them. Support local Palestinian-owned businesses and consider donating to causes that support the humanitarian aid desperately needed in Palestine. I would like to remind everyone that this is not a religious conflict: there are Christian, Muslim, and Jewish people living all over Palestine.

Photo Credit: Joel Carillet. Photo of Palestinian children playing adjacent to the Israeli separation barrier in the West Bank town of Bethlehem.

Donate to Support our Palestinian Friends

Here are legitimate and vetted places to offer financial donation. Every bit matters and is important. Providing funds to such organizations lay the groundwork for rescue and recovery of the innocent people of Palestine, particularly women and children.

Save the Children: The humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence drive this organization. It has been providing essential services in the West Bank and Gaza since 1953.

Doctors without Borders: (Also know as MSF – Medecins Sans Frontieres.) They have been present in Gaza for at least twenty years. They provide medical care to those who would otherwise have none, in the toughest and dangerous conditions.

Human Appeal: This organization provides food, water, hygiene kits, and fuel to hospitals and ambulances. Since water and electricity were shut off, it is also focused on running generators, particularly to keep life support on for premature babies. Donations are automatically doubled.

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund: PCRF continues to provide vital assistance to those affected, including food, shelter and medical care. This includes pediatric cardiac surgery, cancer, amputee, and mental health projects. They are active in war zones and in areas where refugees have had to flee.

Local DC Area Palestinian-Owned Eateries to Support

Show support for our Palestinian friends by dining at or visiting one of these delicious eateries or coffee shops! Sahtein!

  1. Albi
  2. Balqees Restaurant
  3. Bawadi Mediterrenean Grill
  4. Bayti
  5. BitezDMV
  6. Boulevard Cafe
  7. Caffe Amouri
  8. Detour Coffee Co.
  9. Falafel Inc
  10. Haifa Grill
  11. Hilana Falafel
  12. Jenin Pastry
  13. Jerusalem Mediterranean Bakery 
  14. Knafeh Confections
  15. Mama Ayesha’s
  16. Olive Lebanese Eatery
  17. Olive Lounge
  18. Shababi
  19. Yafa Grille
  20. Yellow
  21. Z&Z
Traditional dishes including hummus, tabbouleh salad, Fattoush salad, pita, meat kebab, falafel, baklava, figs and pomegranate.

Other wonderful Palestinian-owned businesses in the area

Boards & Bows (Beautiful grazing tables and charcuterie boards, and featured in one of our Favorite Things Guides!)

Flowers from Lena (Absolutely gorgeous, professional bouquet preservations)

Dipped Dates (Yummy, sweetly decorated chocolate-dipped dates that are perfect for gifting)

Museum of the Palestinian People (Museum devoted to exploring and celebrating Palestinian history, arts, and culture)

Rammallah Club of Washington, DC (exists to foster strong ties within the local community through social, charitable, humanitarian and cultural programs)

If we mistakenly left an eatery or business off, please let us know in the comments! Share other ways to support our Palestinian friends and local Palestinian-owned businesses. We want to be a friend to our friends and their families, particularly during these hard times.

Also, please find ways to support our Jewish friends too!

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