A Perfect Date: Cirque du Soleil!


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Fun fact: my first official date with my now-husband was to see a Cirque du Soleil in New York City back in 2008. The energy and vibrancy of the show made for a perfect date night activity then, and still does today. In the past 15 years, I’ve seen a total of 8 Cirque du Soleil shows across the country. The most recent performance was the newest show, called ECHO, currently playing in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. And as always, this show proves that a night at the “circus of the sun” is a delightful way to spend an evening out with your sweetheart!

date night at cirque du soleil

About The Show

Cirque du Soleil’s “ECHO” astonishes and amazes in each act. The show follows a young traveler named Future, and her dog, as “she wanders into a fantasy world that explores our sacred bond with animals and nature”. Bit by bit, the characters come together to rebuild our world to a more perfect environment. Future and her companion interact with various human, human-like, and animal creatures in this imaginary world. She learns from them and works with them for a common goal of mutual understanding and collaboration.

date night at cirque du soleilIf you’ve seen a Cirque du Soleil show before, you know that you will be wowed from start to finish. ECHO is no different! You and your date will laugh in amusement, gasp in disbelief, and cheer admiration for these incredibly talented performers. Additionally, there are a few interactive parts of the show, which is a fun novelty.

Notably, the Big Top at Tyson’s is more intimate than other Cirque venues, so you are guaranteed a good view of the action no matter where you sit. Seating is a big tight, so try not to bring too much extra with you. We had a big umbrella with us (thanks, torrential rains!) and there wasn’t much space for it. If you or your date are extra tall, I’d recommend getting an aisle seat to accommodate for some extra leg room.

date night at cirque du soleilSome Highlights

My husband and I both love Cirque du Soleil, making this an easy choice for a date night activity. We compared notes after the show and these were our highlights (though each and every act was spectacular!):

  • The trampoline/see-saw act that featured characters flying high into the air, doing flips and twists.
  • The women hanging by their hair (yes, it’s a thing and you have to see it to believe it)
  • The men on the tightropes in the big box – you cannot believe the things they were doing on a little thin wire!
  • The big red man! My husband said that part was actually his favorite. It was so unexpected and really cool.

date night at cirque du soleil

Getting To The Big Top & Other Details

  • Event parking is plentiful and a short walk from the Big Top, but not cheap at $25/car. Save $5 and reserve a spot in advance. 
  • ADA accessible parking and drop-offs are also available.
  • If Metro is more your speed, plan on taking the Silver line to Tyson’s Corner Station.
  • Please ensure you are on time (arrive and be seated at least 15 minutes in advance). Late seating is disruptive to fellow patrons.
  • Portable restrooms are located outside.
  • There is one 25-minute intermission, allowing patrons enough time to grab concessions or run to the bathrooms outside.
  • Tickets to this would be a great experience gift for any fall birthdays! It’s only here until October 22!

Tips for Taking Children to Cirque du Soleil

  • Taking kids will create a CORE memory. It is a fantastic show that lasts 100 minutes (plus the break). We have taken our kids in the past and think around kindergarten children can appreciate and sit still enough to fully enjoy it.
  • Cirque du Soleil can provide bolsters for children to sit on to see the show well.
  • There is dedicated stroller parking
  • Children under two are FREE, but they must remain on the parents lap. All children over age two require a ticket.
  • The show has loud noises, strobe lights, and a dark environment that could scare children.
  • There are some really fun souvenirs for everyone including kids under the big top too!

date night at cirque du soleilECHO runs until October 22nd, so make sure to book your date night tickets ASAP! Tickets start at $43 for weekdays and $51 on weekends. Looking for an extra impressive date night? Snag some VIP experience tickets. The VIP experience grants you several perks including drinks and snacks before the show, premiere seats, and some show swag. My husband and I have done the VIP experience for a date night in the past, and it’s an experience we still talk about!

Tag @dcmoms on Instagram if you go and let us know what you think!

date night at cirque du soleil
Three cheers for the incredible cast of ECHO!


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