5 Top Meaderies in the DMV


Do you have the need… the need for mead??

Okay, maybe you don’t even know what mead is… or a meadery for that matter. Think of it as going to a winery, only mead is alcohol made by fermenting honey mixed with water and, sometimes, adding ingredients like fruits, spices or hops. Some taste like a light beer, while I recently had one that tasted like a margarita! Below are the 5 top meaderies in the DMV.

Mead it here first!

Mead (“honey wine”) was here first. It is the oldest known alcoholic beverage! It’s known to have been drunk by the vikings, although the world’s oldest drink didn’t start getting popular again until 2018/2019! Modern day consumers are always looking for new drinks to try and mead has an endless amount of flavors. Going to a meadery is a fun date night or girls’ night idea, so here they are…

5 Top Meaderies in the DMV

  1. Clear Skies Meadery in Gaithersburg, MD. I’ve had wine flights, beer flights… but this was my first mead flight… and it was a good one! Each was different: blackberry, peach and even one that tasted like a margarita! I got my mead on, following outdoor yoga with Warrior One YogaClear Skies also has charcuterie boards which complemented my flight perfectly. I was also starving after yoga and cheese is always the answer.
  2. Maryland Meadworks in Hyattsville, MD. There are 6-8 different kinds of mead on tap and they have live music some nights.
  3. Orchid Cellar Meadery and Winery in Middletown, MD. Here, you can choose your own adventure with the flights: sparkling, classic, or spicy?! This place sits on 15 acres with a gorgeous, hand-built tasting room. And, in the summer, look out for the sunflower fields! My favorite!
  4. Capital Hive Meadery in Leesburg, VA. With flavors like Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake and Blueberry Pancake Sauce, how could you go wrong?
  5. Stonehouse Meadery in Purcellville, VA. This place is small, but the reviews are good… one woman even said she had her bachelorette party here! Note: you need to call first and make an appointment.

All in all… mead my lips: I will be going mead tasting again. There are so many different kinds and, between flights and charcuterie boards, it’s a fun night out.

Have you ever been mead tasting? What are your favorites?